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12/13/12 7:40 P

ve a lot coming up!! But don't panic -- there are a lot of things you can do to make it easier. Here are some ideas:

December 19 or 20: Catered lunch at work.

It's only one lunch- they just don't know the exact date.

December 21: Classroom Christmas parties -- The kids don't get to touch any of the food. Teachers handle and serve it- wearing gloves.

The kids

December 21: Work Christmas party. I'm really not too concerned about this- although one of my coworkers went to culinary school and she's bringing something.

December 21: Church Christmas party. I do plan on eating a lighter lunch/breakfast on this day, but not all of the food will be out at once. In fact, they're having a "bake-off" contest. People say parties are about spending time with people- not food. NOT with this group. It's pretty much about the food.

December 22: Traditional shopping trip - It's more likely to be a lunch buffet. I do plan on bringing snacks for when I'm shopping- at Walmart and Target. No food court options, fortunately.

December 24: Chinese food - Chinese food is something I tend to do on a regular basis, so there are no worries here!

December 25: I actually don't drink, but I do really love all of the food that's part of a traditional Christmas dinner. It's probably one of my favorite meals- and, unfortunately, I'm one of those people who ALWAYS has room for dessert.

Thing is, with everything right together, and being constantly exposed to these things, I know it's just going to start chipping away at me- little by little. Each event is going to get harder and harder to hold back, and that makes me very nervous. It also doesn't help that I'm a recovering binge-eater who is still in a very fragile state.

There is a part of me that is even considering just enjoying myself without worrying about it for these specific events, but make sure I have my snacks, breakfasts, lunches, and dinners outside these events top-notch. I've become addicted to plain FF Greek yogurt with agave, cinnamon, and fruit (grilled pineapple is my FAVORITE).

And, truthfully, this is really a once-a-year thing. I honestly only eat at this buffet once a year. I never go to parties/events like this. And truthfully, even if I put on a few pounds during that week, most of it will probably be because my weigh-in day is the day after Christmas. And, who knows? Maybe it'll trick my body to get such a huge influx of food after a few weeks of really watching what I eat.

12/13/12 10:54 A

I have a similar week next week. What I did was to go ahead and plan out my week thes best I can. Make sure I am eating plenty of healthy foods and I leave gaps where I have to fill in for those catered meals. I will bring a piece of fresh fruit and probably home made trail mix, and then I will enter what I want to eat onto my phone so I can see if I am still close to staying on track. If I'm over a smidge I won't sweat it. It seems to help me stay on track fairly well.

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12/13/12 10:45 A

In addition to the fantastic advice from NAUSIKAA, I have a few general pointers for your week of temptations. Don't skimp on breakfast to save calories. Eating a well-rounded breakfast with some protein will do wonders to help you stay full. Drink tons of water. Chew gum when you may be tempted at work with the kid snacks or the work Christmas party where you will only be there a short time. Bring an apple or other small snack to eat beforehand so you won't be as tempted.
For the buffet, make a salad first before you try any of the other foods. Then, scan the buffet for healthier options/ things you really want to try and only choose your favorites. Get 1 plate and then stop. just because you paid for bottomless doesn't mean you need to eat bottomless .
As for Chinese food, get something without sauce and add your own small amount of soy sauce. Also, don't go nuts on the rice.

Hope this helps. I know the feeling when you have a gauntlet of temptation in front of you and are worried about getting off track. And if you do get off track at one event, don't let that sway you into dropping your plan for other events. Let that be reinforcement as to why you really can't stray from your plans for future events.

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12/13/12 10:31 A

Wow, you have a lot coming up!! But don't panic -- there are a lot of things you can do to make it easier. Here are some ideas:

December 19 or 20: Catered lunch at work. - pack your lunch on the 19th, and just eat that but note what is offered from the catered lunch. Think about how you can make a healthy meal out of that since it will most likely be similar the next day. Then make a plan for the 20th - that way you can enjoy one of the two catered lunches, but it can be controlled.

December 21: Classroom Christmas parties -- do you really want to eat something that kids have had their hands all over in late December? Talk about germ central... my husband is a teacher and he has a whole ritual he goes through when he gets home from work before he'll touch ANY food -- too many germs!! Just tell yourself that the food is covered with kids' germs!

December 21: Work Christmas party. Spend those 20 minutes chatting with friends and stay away from the food and drink table. With only 20 mins, if you just chat with 3 or 4 friends the time will fly by and you'll be out the door without having gone near the buffet.

December 21: Church Christmas party. Eat a lighter than usual lunch, so that a few extra calories won't ruin your daily counts. Study the *whole* buffet before you put anything on your plate. Tell yourself that you can have one plate of food, and think about what you want. Don't just start at one end and add things -- think about which things you can skip, which you want more or less of. Form a plan -- and as soon as you have your plate, cross the room, get involved in conversation with other people. Bring a clutch purse so you only have one free hand. This will make it a pain in the butt to deal with plates and such.

December 22: Traditional shopping trip - Buffets don't have to be awful. Since it's a breakfast buffet, look for eggs -- eggs are filling and will keep you going all day. There should be fruit on offer too. Stay away from maple syrup, buttered bread, and heavy carbs like pancakes and bagels that will make you hungry 2 hours later when you're surrounded by fast food and food courts.

December 24: Chinese food - Chinese food is pretty rough - some good options are soups - wonton soup is pretty decent - the steamed veggies are awesome - steamed instead of fried rice - and avoid anything breaded and the really sweet sauces. Something like a beef dish (beef is less likely to be breaded than chicken, pork, shrimp) with a non-sweet sauce.

December 25: Traditional Christmas dinner- you have an advantage here - since you haven't done traditional Christmas dinners in the past, you don't have huge nostalgic feelings about it and you won't feel compelled to eat this and that that your mom used to make. There are usually a few veggie-based sides, probably a main meat dish, and just base your meal around those. Go light on the potato sides and the alcohol. Fill up on veggies and meat and you won't have too much room for desserts.

Good luck - just know you CAN do it!!

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12/13/12 7:58 A

This article will lead you to a variety of helpful tips for each of your situations.

Healthy Holiday Survival Guide
Healthy Food and Fitness Ideas for the Holidays

Coach Tanya

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12/12/12 11:32 P

I have several events during the week of Christmas that will involve food.

December 19 or 20: Catered lunch at work. I will be packing my lunch that day, but the only place to eat it is right where the catered food will be.

December 21: Classroom Christmas parties at work where it's easy to just take a nibble of something here and there after the kids have eaten.

December 21: Work Christmas party. I'm only going to be there for about 20 minutes, but this will be directly after dealing with the temptation of the classroom party treats.

December 21: Church Christmas party. We were told to come expecting to leave heavier than when we came in. I'm bringing a fruit tray with almond vanilla greek yogurt dip, but this is my third food temptation of the day

December 22: Traditional shopping trip that starts with a trip to the buffet.

December 24: Chinese food and then snacking at my friend's house. Fortunately, we are prepared for this.

December 25: Traditional Christmas dinner- my first one ever (at a friend's house).

I've just started on a new streak with my eating (I'm tracking elsewhere) and I've dropped 7.4 pounds in 2 weeks. I'm worried about gaining it all back. At the same time, I'm also very much in the early stages of establishing a diet routine, etc, and I am definitely not at the stage where resisting temptation is second-nature.

Any advice? Eating before these events isn't really an option. The buffet is a couple hours away, and even if I eat before we leave the house, I'll be hungry again by the time we arrive.

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