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Currently I'm fluctuating between 155-157 so I know a lot of that is just changes throughout the day so I'm pretty much on target of 130 by July 1st - I started at 160 beginning of January. So its pretty much 5lb per month but I know the closer I get to July that 5lb a month is slowly going to get harder and most "unrealistic" because 130 can be considered a healthy weight for someone at 5'3 even though towards the end I'd rather be closer to 120-125. For that reason I'd rather hit more than 5lb a month in the first 3 months to counteract whats going to happen the last few.

My calories use to be the 1200-1500 but I up'd my fitness calories burnt higher because I know I'm closer to 2500-3000 per week than my initial 2000 that I started with so SP put me in between 1300-1700 calorie range. I've been staying in between my calorie range easily I just know a lot of it is having taken September-December off from the gym and my body not being use to the 4-6 days a week I use to do over the summer.

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still quite new here,
but I also got a bit discouraged when the weight tracking report thing shows the goal weight and my actual scores a good 2-4lbs above it. I know its a guide to show around where I should be in order to attain the goal at the set date... but still.
From what I can tell the calories (and other values) don't adjust... but you can!
I've noticed that if I'm told I can eat say 2-5 of something, I'll end up eating ~4.5, so I pulled my limits down so that I actually stay around the mean of what it would actually be (though optically still toward the top).

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No, it won't. The trackers and such here are not automatic. They will not change unless you update either your fitness or nutrition settings. You don't necessarily have to change anything in them to trigger a change, just update them.

You should probably update your weight loss goals to adjust your goal date out; the less time you give yourself to meet your goals, the less you're going to be able to eat!

If you're in the minimum calorie range, 1200-1550, there will be no change down. That's the minimum safety range.

What's your current weight loss goal per week/time frame to lose how much? How much do you currently weigh?

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Last time I used this site I can't remember what exactly happened but we all know when we set up our accounts when put in a weight loss per week goal so therefore thats what helped calculate how much calories we should intake per day.

Lets say my goal was 6lb in one month but I only loss 1-2lb will my calorie intake adjust for that so therefore those 4lb I didn't lose will be added onto the next 4 months ahead so instead of a goal of 6lb it'll actually be 7lb? Which is my mind would mean that my calories I should be eating per day should decrease slightly - as long as I'm not at the 1200 bare minimum.

I'm not trying to make this sound confusing by any means.

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