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Will you shop some tomorrow?

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11/22/12 3:01 A


SparkPoints: (5,831)
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Posts: 130
11/22/12 2:40 A

nope- I'm all done xmas shopping too.... emoticon

SparkPoints: (105,065)
Fitness Minutes: (94,728)
Posts: 2,718
11/22/12 2:38 A

Nope, all done with Christmas shopping!

SparkPoints: (55,945)
Fitness Minutes: (30,244)
Posts: 2,173
11/22/12 12:27 A

Heck no!!

SparkPoints: (26,830)
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Posts: 720
11/22/12 12:25 A

No, not "some". It'll maybe be one of those shop till we each and all drop sort of shopping endeavors. Believe that there will be four of us going to the Factory Outlet Stores, ~2100 until about 0900 in the morning.

I know what shops and what items I'm looking for and will purchase IF and only IF the price is actually a lot betterthan I've been getting for them at earlier dates.

It's a matter of Nike running shoes and New Balance training shoes and a couple pairs of tennis shoes for myself and my Lady. I expect to be getting several pairs of Nike running shoes for my son also.

We'll be looking at some particular clothing items and if deeply discounted will purchase no doubt.

Wish you all a Happy Thanks Giving Holiday time with family and/or friends. Take care and have fun.

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SparkPoints: (65,092)
Fitness Minutes: (19,956)
Posts: 3,588
11/21/12 11:43 P


Posts: 10,429
11/21/12 11:39 P

I was planning on going but I haven't found anything good

SparkPoints: (274,385)
Fitness Minutes: (120,426)
Posts: 16,478
11/21/12 11:06 P

I might

SparkPoints: (54,635)
Fitness Minutes: (28,673)
Posts: 2,045
11/21/12 10:45 P

Nope! I'll run 5 miles, eat good food, and spend time with people I love. No shopping all weekend if I can help it.

Posts: 11,295
11/21/12 10:42 P


SparkPoints: (7,052)
Fitness Minutes: (1,762)
Posts: 193
11/21/12 10:42 P

i love black friday... it's an entirely separate event from thanksgiving and it's a kick start to the holiday season. and it's more like a girl night with my best friend than a shopping trip.. we get all kinds of excited about it. and i'm not exactly loaded in the cash department.. so any savings i can do, i will!
as for the wal mart thing... since they're so stuck on minimum wage, you'd think they'd like to have the holiday pay. i'm sorry but it's hard to feel sorry for a lot of them when there are troops that don't get to see their families at all on thanksgiving.

Posts: 4,645
11/21/12 10:35 P


Posts: 135
11/21/12 10:28 P

Probably not

Posts: 3,831
11/21/12 10:28 P


Posts: 77
11/21/12 10:22 P

No. I am not a shopper at all. emoticon

SparkPoints: (57,069)
Fitness Minutes: (34,908)
Posts: 2,323
11/21/12 10:11 P

May do some on line at 2 stores that my daughters like. One is having 60% off with free shipping. No store shopping.

SparkPoints: (135,708)
Fitness Minutes: (85,813)
Posts: 6,811
11/21/12 10:05 P

no - I'll be working out at the gym! emoticon

Posts: 541
11/21/12 9:56 P


Posts: 15,939
11/21/12 9:50 P

Thanksgiving is a day for being thankful for what you have... not to run out and get more.

Posts: 9,698
11/21/12 9:48 P

Only if it is online.

SparkPoints: (267,917)
Fitness Minutes: (186,016)
Posts: 20,152
11/21/12 9:42 P

Absolutely not, my sister-in-law workers for Walmart. She has to work 7 - 11 am, then has to go back to work from 7 pm - 7 am. How is someone is she going to get proper rest and enjoy herself with family with hours like that. Now, I don't think that's fair to the employees for any of these companies; to have to be forced time away from their families to only have the CEO's make a quarterly profit. That's just my opinion. I don't participate in none of these, so called "Super Sales Events".

Posts: 2,362
11/21/12 9:34 P

Absolutely not,

SparkPoints: (4,151)
Fitness Minutes: (2,126)
Posts: 849
11/21/12 9:32 P

I have not shopped on Thanksgiving or Back Friday in all my life. That is 61 years and I am not going to start now.

Posts: 3,220
11/21/12 8:15 P

You betcha.

Posts: 90
11/21/12 7:56 P

no way!!!

SparkPoints: (71,695)
Fitness Minutes: (35,484)
Posts: 4,771
11/21/12 7:45 P


SparkPoints: (215,051)
Fitness Minutes: (193,120)
Posts: 6,754
11/21/12 7:43 P

Probably not!!

SparkPoints: (90,278)
Fitness Minutes: (110,829)
Posts: 4,343
11/21/12 5:03 P


Posts: 847
11/21/12 5:02 P

I never have shopped on Black Friday. My daughter is a BF fanatic, she goes every year.

I'm simplifying my Christmas shopping, like this: teenage and grown kids get money gifts; adults- a bottle of wine and a tray of cookies....little kids will get a present like toy or a nice outfit...

Posts: 1,809
11/21/12 4:57 P

Not all of us are crazy, in fact most of us are not. I am a frugal person and live on an one income to be able to be a stay at home mom. It is very sad how the media gets the bad news.
They televise the nut jobs. There is good to be seen as well. You can see some people let the elderly go ahead of them, and one time oh yeah at good ol Wallymart I seen this man walking with a stack of 5 or 6 small crock pots they had on sale for 4 dollars. When he gets closer I look at him harder and it was my nephew by marriage. he still came over to hug me with arms full and I told him to go ahead we will meet up in a minute. I then find my hubby and we meet up with him and my niece and find out all those small crock pots were for the ladies in line that seen that he had one and asked where they were and he volunteered to go get them.These are the stories I remember and see. I like watching the ones who take their time looking for the perfect gift for a loved one. Because I shop and save so much I able to give lots to toys for tots. I also want to do some shopping for the elderly trees they have. If I could vote for stores to be opened or closed Thanksgiving I would vote closed but I need to get out before all great deals are gone so I can give to more by saving here and there. It is the time for giving.

Posts: 2,771
11/21/12 4:47 P


Posts: 3,475
11/21/12 4:46 P


Posts: 2,399
11/21/12 4:17 P

Not if I can help it.
And I'm Canadian, so we don't have the Black Friday sales.

SparkPoints: (105,065)
Fitness Minutes: (94,728)
Posts: 2,718
11/21/12 4:13 P


Posts: 629
11/21/12 4:07 P

Absolutely not!!!!!!!!!!

Posts: 2,667
11/21/12 3:28 P

very unlikely, unless we need something specific (we're in Canada)

SparkPoints: (61,119)
Fitness Minutes: (40,069)
Posts: 4,472
11/21/12 3:23 P

no to Black Friday...and NO WAY to shopping on Thanksgiving!

If you really need to shop on Thanksgiving, sit at your computer. Give those poor folks ONE day off before the craziness starts!

If my insomnia is still really bad and I'm awake, I may go to Kohl's early Friday morning before I go to work (and I'll only go in if it's not crowded).

If I wasn't working Friday, I'd rather go to the gym than go shopping. When I leave work, I'll be headed for the YMCA.

Posts: 8,082
11/21/12 3:21 P

A little

Posts: 609
11/21/12 2:22 P

no. I agree with dids70 and archimedesii. I know that when I was young my Mom did not work outside of the house and somehow she managed to get the shopping done for 4 kids without going out at 4 am. I worked in retail during college and I remember there was a rush in the morning and then a little rush in the early afternoon on Black Friday but after 5 pm you could have gone bowling in the mall and not hit anyone.

IMHO, the tradition of shopping on Black Friday is great but do we really need to shop on Thanksgiving as well? Please remember that all of those sales people had to arrive at least 30 minutes before the store opened and will be there at least an hour after it closes. So although you will be going after your festivities have ended, the salesperson may have had to leave their celebration early. Not to mention, shouldn't the holiday be spent with your family and friends.

Posts: 8,023
11/21/12 2:13 P

Not even a little bit.

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Posts: 15,034
11/21/12 2:05 P


SparkPoints: (34,166)
Fitness Minutes: (9,440)
Posts: 2,732
11/21/12 2:01 P

I'm not American, so it is not a holiday for me. But even if I was in the States, I wouldn't shop on Black Friday. The crowds would drive me insane. I usually save a vacation day or two to take mid-week sometime in December, specifically so I can get my Christmas shopping done while the crowds are smaller.

SparkPoints: (113,034)
Fitness Minutes: (35,194)
Posts: 6,520
11/21/12 1:34 P

Nope, busy with the family.

SparkPoints: (72,188)
Fitness Minutes: (66,276)
Posts: 3,750
11/21/12 1:32 P

Nope,Family time for me

SparkPoints: (20,947)
Fitness Minutes: (13,442)
Posts: 980
11/21/12 1:23 P


Posts: 3,421
11/21/12 1:22 P

Heck no!

Posts: 5,600
11/21/12 1:19 P


SparkPoints: (137,832)
Fitness Minutes: (207,010)
Posts: 20,455
11/21/12 1:14 P

I refuse to shop on Thanksgiving Day. Doing that means that some employee of a place like cough Walmart cough, had to leave their family to go into work. There is no sale that is going to bring me into a store on Thanksgiving. I'll wait til Friday and shop at a respectable time of day. I also refuse to shop at midnight or 4am on Black Friday. Once again, I'm standing in solidarity with all those workers forced to work at insane hours of the day.

AND I'm not crazy about shopping with the crowds anymore either. Perfectly normal people go INSANE on Black Friday. Nope, I'll wait til the crowds thin out to do my shopping.

emoticon emoticon

Edited by: ARCHIMEDESII at: 11/21/2012 (13:15)

Posts: 5,070
11/21/12 1:12 P

Nope, i leave Black Friday shopping to the lunatics. I don't like getting pushed and shoved to save a few bucks on something that I truly don't need anyway. I remember as a kid that the day after Thanksgiving was something special. none of the stores had decorated before that point, so it was cool walking in the mall and seeing the lights, the tree, and the ever blessed Santa. Now Santa comes out November 1 and christmas stuff is on sale prior to Halloween.
Besides the deals aren't all that great. You still have about 35 days before Christmas and the retailers will be having awesome sales up until Christmas eve.

Posts: 1,809
11/21/12 12:31 P

I was saying no at first but if the deals are good enough and later after everyone is gone and all I was going to do is flop on couch and watch tv while eating seconds anyways I might go out after all. I will give me the chance to burn some calories and not go for seconds. I was all about everyone who had to work and was going to stay home in protest but most festivities are over at 9 p.m. and I really need to put me first sometimes.

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