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Will weight training shrink my arms?

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3/31/13 3:38 P

No, sorry.

The first response is incorrect and ARCHIMEDES is right - you cannot spot reduce fat.

Doing ST does not make a body part less fat.

Doing arm work won't shrink arm fat. Doing crunches won't shrink belly fat.

That isn't how fat reduction works.

First - are we talking "fat"? Or is it loose skin?

If it's actually fat, then your genetics will determine where on your body you lose fat from. Keep up strength training, because it's good for you! Along with some cardio and a balanced, calorie-reduced diet. This is what kills fat on the body - but you don't get to target it from specific places you'd like to see shrink more.

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3/31/13 2:04 P


Congratulations on losing 97 pounds ! That's fantastic !

Can strength training shrink your arms ? Nope. Strength training can increase the lean muscle in your arms. Having more lean muscle will give your arms "definition", but it won't shrink them. With a 97 pound loss, what you may be noticing is excess skin rather than excess fat. a good strength training program can help tighten us up, but it can't get rid of sagging skin.

You're at a very healthy weight for your height now. Let's say you want to lose another five pounds. You don't get to decide where that weight comes off. If the fat hasn't come off your arms by now, it might not. And that's just the way the genetic ball bounced.

A person can never go wrong engaging in a good strength training program. ST can do many good things for our bodies, but we do have to be realistic. there are things it can't do such as tightening up excess skin. You're going to have to wait and see if your skin pops back on its own.

Do stay hydrated. Keep the skin moist and healthy by eating a nutritious diet and drinking plenty of water.

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3/31/13 12:26 P

I have lost alot of weight all over and many times when we loss so much weight there is excess skin.. The only thing that will make my arms look better is having a brachioplasty (arm skin removal)..
Excess skin is not to be confused with fat.. Many times the skin on the arms and thighs are extremely sensitive and never ease back into place with huge weight loss.. Thin women can also have saggy arm muscles if they don't train and keep their muscles well trained too..

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3/31/13 10:11 A

Yes, weights will tighten up the area. It'll take time for the loose skin to go away, years probably (at least that's my case after gaining 75+ lbs during my first pregnancy) but in the mean time you can retain or gain some muscle (which will not make them look bulkier as long as you're not gaining back a lot of fat with it) to tighten them up and keep them from getting saggier as you keep losing weight. They will look "thinner" but they might not get smaller until you lose more fat and the skin tone improves.

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3/31/13 8:39 A

I have lost 97 pounds over the last year, and at 5'9" I weigh 153. Everything about me has gotten smaller, with the exception of my arms. I know there's no way to spot reduce fat, but wanted to know if anyone had any luck with weight training. Will my arms be thinner if along with my cardio, I introduce more weights?

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