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3/15/14 4:00 P

Really like this! Thanks for the easy mantra. I AM doing this!! emoticon emoticon

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3/15/14 3:54 P

Thank you for sharing this! Thats awesome! =)

3/15/14 1:16 P

What a lovely post, SHADORAMARIE. Thanks for sharing this way of thinking. I AM going to join you in having a joyful day. :)

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3/15/14 12:51 P

I'm feeling inspired today, so I thought I would share.

I have gone through all of my motivational materials, and changed any instance of the word "will" to "am". It is not a page of "I will eat healthy, I will work out, I will try my best", but instead a page of "I am eating healthy, I am working out, I am doing my best". The way that we think and talk to ourselves is more powerful than I think we often realize.

My focus had shifted some time ago, to this will get around to, things will get better, I'll do it later, and my progress had suffered. I realized the way I talked to myself has changed. I lost my present focus somewhere along the line. So here we go:

I am focusing on today. I am finding joy in everyday. I am working hard to achieve my goals. I am achieving them. I am working out, and loving it. I am respecting my body. I am respecting me. I am creating my future success today. I am the change I need.

Hope this may help to motivate you all as well, we are all in this together. I challenge you to go through your motivational materials and look for the "wills" in your life. Those hopes can be reality if you make them!

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