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5/29/11 4:22 A

That's really great to hear. When you are ready for the 3 meals and snacks, don't hesitate to ask for suggestions. I know that it can be really stressful.

Good luck!

5/28/11 2:47 P

Thanks everyone.

I talked to my therapist and doctor and I've gotten an okay from both as long as I cut the two week period to one week instead. So I'll be on Slimfast for one week, two healthy meals and one Slimfast meal for another week, and after that I'll have three healthy meals in addition to healthy snacks.

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5/26/11 7:50 P


If you have a current diagnosis, then you aren't eligible for a weight watchers membership. I can see why the plan would be appealing; it's restrictive and structured. If you do decide to this please talk to therapist to help you find other ways to resist binging. It doesn't work 100% of the time, for me, but I am journaling, setting goals, and using other cognitive behavioral techniques.

I am a member of the something fishy forum, if you ever need support:


5/26/11 7:41 P

My problem is that if I'm free to choose what to eat, I start planning to eat a small amount of fattening food only once and then end up eating a ton on a binge. Meal replacements just seem to make it so much easier for me to stay on track. I'm getting 1200 calories a day, not skipping meals, and if I was able to just diet in the range like you're saying, I would stay around 1200 anyways because I don't get very hungry during the day.

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5/26/11 2:36 A

I don't have a disorder, never have, so I have difficulty understanding the underlying mentalities...

Sparkpeople provides you with a range. A minimum and maximum intake level for calories, carbs, fats and proteins. Is this not "restrictive" in the same way, that could be useful to you? You have a set range, say 1200-1550 calories. You are "restricted" because you are trying to stay within that range. Get to 1540 calories and you know you're not permitted to eat more (though never skip meals - if you got there by lunchtime that's a whole other issue).

I just don't see how "eat these meal replacements" is more usable than "eat within these numbers only". Can you just use that?

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5/26/11 2:13 A

I can't speak about the Slimfast plan, but I also have binge eating problems, and the only time I have been able to keep it under control was when I was on Weight Watchers.

It helped to have a diet that limited me, but productively; I didn't get resentful that I could eat certain foods. Having a certain number of points I could spend each day on whatever I wanted made it better. There were a few times I blew all my points on junk food, but mostly it encouraged me to eat well and binge on things that were "free," like celery.

I'm not sure if that could help you, but it would probably be a better option than a crash diet, and it seems like WW would go well with the nutrition programs here.

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5/26/11 1:28 A

I don't have a binge disorder, but something as restrictive as Slim Fast or the Special K crap would make ME binge after a few days. PLEASE talk to your therapist about this. SlimFast and the Special K challenge are not healthy. They are crash diets, and almost everyone who goes on a crash diet ends up in a binge even if they didn't have that tendency before. Being extremely restrictive is not the way to beat this. Your therapist can almost certainly help you find something moderate that will let you have a sense of control, but not restrict you so much that your anti-starvation instincts take over. A meal delivery service might be an option, for example.

5/26/11 12:57 A

I have no idea how much I'm eating when I binge, but it's probably a lot.

I don't want quick results because I know they never end up lasting, and I want this to last. I just feel like if I don't go on something that is restrictive yet still safe health-wise, like Slimfast or Special K challenge, I won't be able to resist binges.

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5/25/11 11:45 P

It would be best to get this plan approved by your therapist.

I have problems with binge eating (bulimia) and I know that being on a 1200 meal plan like the slim fast plan will cause me to binge once I'm off the plan. The bars and shakes taste sweet and that makes me binge.

You didn't mention how many calories you are currently eating? This might not be a good idea if you are eating 2,000-3,000 and suddenly go to 1200.

Are you doing the slim fast plan to see quick results on the scale or are you doing it because you want to get use to eating 1200 calories?


5/25/11 9:30 P

Yes. That's why my eating disorder isn't quite as vicious as it was before.

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5/25/11 9:28 P

Eating disorders aren't just about food. Are you also seeing a therapist?

5/25/11 9:26 P

I have binge eating disorder, and recently it's been going away just a little, but I feel like if I diet and don't really restrain myself, I can't resist fattening food. Here's what I plan to do-

1. Slimfast plan for two weeks
2. Replace one of the meal replacement shakes/bars with a light meal, continue for 2 weeks.
3. Cut out all meal replacements and, hopefully, stick to three balanced meals a day plus light snacks consisting of fruits, vegetables, nuts, or something else healthy.

I'll exercise at least 30 minutes each day and drink enough water through all of this.

What do you people think? Will this work, or will my metabolism get screwed or something?

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