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BLONDISSIMA777 Posts: 794
4/27/09 9:01 P

If that was true my butt would be the size of Brazil! :)

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4/27/09 7:32 P

Good question, I wanted to know this too otherwise I will be skipping the stadium stairs....don't need anymore junk in my trunk... emoticon

4/27/09 6:56 P

I love the Stepping Excercise and I realize now considering the fact that I live in a house with 3 floors, that it's really easy to just "forget something" and make myself run up and down the stairs a couple of times.

It's easy and requires no machines.. woohoo.

No they don't. Back when I used to go to the gym and workout, I used that machine all the time and it makes the muscle area look really nice there and not bigger!

4/27/09 5:36 P

the nature of the stepping exercise is going to develop the muscles in your legs and glutes somewhat, but no, it's not going to make a body part that isn't already big any bigger than it is now.

You may see increased muscle mass in your hammies/quads/calves but not in the butt. It might look tighter and smaller, actually.

GIRL*IN*MOTION Posts: 2,748
4/27/09 4:18 P

I really like the stair climber machine, it really gets my HR going, but I've heard it makes your butt big? Is that true?

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