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3/24/10 3:55 P

I definitely don't think so. I mean you can have a small slice, just don't go for seconds.

3/24/10 2:58 P

Yes -- if you eat it every day.

It bothers me when people post, can I eat this? will I gain weight if I eat that? It's not the *if* -- it's the *what*, *how much* and *how often* that gets you!

I ate plenty of junk food this weekend (belated St. Patrick Day celebration) and the scale was up, WAY up, on Monday. I guarantee most of that was water retention from all the salt I ate -- which will be gone after a few days back on my normal, healthy eating lifestyle.

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3/24/10 2:25 P

When someone says they went to a party and gained a lb, you have to think about what they ate. If they ate 2 slices of pizza from your average pizza place, 1 serving of cake (the real serving size is so small most people eat 2 without knowing it!), a serving of ice-cream (which is only ½ cup, so again most people end up eating 2) 16 oz of soda with their pizza and a serving of chips, they are eating around 1500 calories. If they in fact do eat that second serving of cake and ice cream, they are hitting 2000. Now you have to think about how many people also eat some cheese, some crab dip or meat balls, ect. It is possible to eat the 3500 in a meal, but one slice of cake isn’t going to do it,

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3/24/10 12:27 P

Yes, to gain a pound of fat you have to eat 3,500 more calories than you burn.

You could do it in a week-- but one piece of birthday cake isn't enough.

The scale fluctuates for weird reasons. We all like to have the logic of saying "here's why" -- but sometimes there is no cut-and-dried answer.

3/24/10 12:19 P

can't say for sure, but usually one piece of anything cannot make or break your weight loss...that's my experience anyways

3/24/10 11:50 A

I agree, its all about moderation. My kids surprised me with an ice cream cake for my bday. I had a small piece and it didn't affect my weight one way or the other. (I also figured it into my overall calories for the day so I didn't go over). I also had a small piece of cake and small slice of pizza at a friend's bday party last weekend. Again, no effect on my weight one way or the other.

It's not something I would indulge in all the time, that's the only two times I've had cake or anything like that in the almost 3 months I've been at this.

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3/24/10 10:27 A

Sure, you can have cake and ice cream now and then. Or any other food for a special occasion. It's what you eat the rest of the week that counts.

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3/24/10 10:14 A

My second born turned 20 this week. You bet I ate his birthday cake - with ice cream. Small portions but they totaled approx 450 calories.

I think often people eat the munchies when they're at parties. Maybe soda or juice - alcohol that does add up. Sometimes there is pizza.

I think everything in moderation is acceptable. How would my son have felt if I sat there and said "oh here is your cake but I can't eat any?". Not the example for healthy living that I want to project.

There are many reasons the scale fluctuates a pound in a week also. A tip I did pick up from another weight loss board was to google "why the scale lies".

Editing to add back in - different foods are processed differently by our bodies. While I did have cake and ice cream for my sons birthday - that is the limit of "junk food" for me this week.


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3/24/10 10:08 A

I've noticed some posts by people saying that they gained a pound in a week because they went to a birthday party. However, if 3500 calories equals one pounds, then you would have to eat 3500 calories over your daily intake at that party to have gained a pound, right? It seems to me that you would have had to eaten 3500 extra calories over the course of a week or not exercised (500 extra calories per day, on average) to justify gaining that pound. Does this make sense?

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