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I consider this journey we are all on an evolution. Hang in there...while two months may seem like a long time, in the scope of changing our bodies, it's not that long. I am 8 years into my own journey and I still see changes in my body all these years later. When you look at this journey as a lifestyle, the changes will come--maybe not as quick as we like or want, but they will come.

Take care!

Coach Nancy

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I've been working out for about two months now and I'm losing weight and inches, but my gut still looks gross even when I'm actively engaging my abs. My husband said that maybe it's just something I won't be able to shed, that maybe it just comes with having kids. I can't pinch nearly as much as I used to, but I still don't feel comfortable looking at it, let alone wearing a bikini. I also have stretch marks from my chest down to my mid thighs, but they have faded a lot. I know I can't just target one area but I am hoping there is someone who can help me plan an attack on this flab so that it will be decimated by the time warm weather rolls in. emoticon

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