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Figure out how many calories you want and use the information on the bag to calculate.

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i think part of your question might be missing. :) or at least i am missing it. but i'm going to throw out my best guess here. the tracker is telling you to eat two portions for dinner [or whatever meal it is showing up for]. grain recs run 6-11 servings a day, so two servings in a meal isn't strange. the .6 cup of wild rice is for cooked rice. you did not mention the calorie count. but the rice you have at home is .25 cups uncooked for 170 cals. rice at least doubles generally, if not triples [i have to confess to measuring out dry and eyeballing after. so while i might make 1/2 cup dry, if i eat about 1/4 of the yield, i enter it in as .125 cup dry as i live by myself and if i am off a little, i'll just make it up later]. though i am now looking at cooked rice info and it's a little closer to quadrupling. so 1/3 cup dry is about what you'd need to get 1.2 cups cooked. so that's about 260 cals of rice, which isn't that odd if the rest of the meal is mostly low cal veg. which would mean each of your .6 cups should have a calorie count of around 130. give or take 20-30 cals for brand differences.

and if you're confused that both are using portion size, remember that there are several different meanings to portion size. dry things [beans, rice, legumes] tend to have a serving size of 1/4 cup, but once you cook that up it becomes more than one eating portion [which tends to be a half cup]. then there are just the random portions that recipes yield [in other words, everything i make in my 9x9 pan makes 9 servings. everything i make in my loaf pan gets cut into 8 servings. and i make those portions that way because it's easier than dividing out a cup or 200 g. it makes dividing it out easier and i can always eat less or more if i need to.

and my tracker is showing .6 cups of rice to be 99 cals. so that basically means you should eat 198 cals of rice. you can do the math yourself for the grams to get you right there or you could cook up the 1/4 cup for 170 cals and call it good or do 1/3 cup for 260 cals and call that good. it just means you bought a brand that runs a little higher than the average spark uses.

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It says that I get to eat two 0.60 cups of wild rice. I just realized that its after it is cooked but the calorie count is still wrong. On the bag of wild rice its says a portion size is 1/4 cup for 170 calories. Am I missing something?

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