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4/27/14 12:41 P

I wear and use my hrm and the timer on my hrm watch to calculate the calories burned and time for most things i do on the wii including the run. Then I enter it as my own exercise on the fitness tracker.

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4/27/14 12:34 P

They have "Wii fit free run" as an option, so I'd just put in the number of minutes you did on that, if I were you, but some people really like the manual entry to be exact...

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4/26/14 6:34 P

Does the wii program tell you how many calories you burned? If so, go to your my Fitness tracker and click on "Enter your own exercise" in small print under the search button. From there you can enter the information about your workout.

EROSE1311 Posts: 263
4/26/14 1:38 P

I did Wii BASIC RUN PLUS today for something different. It is not listed so I don't know how to put in.

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