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4/8/10 1:17 P

Nope because we have had consumer programs here in denmark whom checked out the wii running program.. The woman doing the test thought she was doing marvallous until she tried running outside against things called wind, steep hills and uneven surfaces..
She was disappointed and with good reason running or walking in front of the television can not replace the real deal or give the same effect..
It may feel this way, but she was very disappointed and down about her preformance outside when asked to run the same distance wii gave her.. When explained why she could see the explanations and dropped wii...

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4/8/10 8:40 A

I know I probably need to get something like a Body Bugg to track calories burned, but I have a question of those who do the Wii Walk It Out game.

Do you think the actual calories burned is "somewhat" close to being accurate? For instance, I walked for 2 hours yesterday and when I closed it down it said I had burned 640 calories and walked I believe 7 miles (or something like that).

I'm always afraid that it is incorrect, so I take the calories burned down to say "400" or something like that when I put it in my fitness tracker on here.

I normally eat between 1200-1300 (or slightly above) a day and I don't want my body going into starvation mode (don't feel like I'm hungry by no means) if I'm burning half the calories that I'm taking in.

How would you count the calories burned when you do this type of exercise? I really feel tired when I finish but I'm not sweating so feel maybe I'm not burning what it says.

Any thoughts or comments?

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