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MBHRD27 SparkPoints: (3,051)
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Posts: 114
1/23/12 8:06 P

I heard 'just dance' was very fun

BECKS79 Posts: 84
1/23/12 6:12 P

good to know! thank you!!!

1/22/12 11:34 P

Wii Bowling is in the tracking system.

BECKS79 Posts: 84
1/22/12 8:16 P

hmmm that is an awesome tip!

How do you track it in sparkpeople to get the calories and put it and track it? This is awesome cause Wii Fit is so expensive and I have had to use any extra cash for our wedding! Your help with tracking is greatly appreciated!!!!

1/19/12 10:52 P

You've been given great suggestions, but just a reminder that the Wii Sports that often comes with the system is also a form of exercise -- not super intense, but I bowled for just over an hour today and burned about 300 calories according to sparkpeople (and the sweat coming off my head). It is also great for arm strength -- I switched to my non-dominate arm for awhile for the sake of balance. Both arms HURT now (in the good, muscles have been used way -- not in the "ouch, I broke something" way). When playing as a form of cardio, I always exaggerate the motions to burn more...

BECKS79 Posts: 84
1/18/12 6:45 P

Thank you! I have not yet purchased this item .. but I will in the very near furture .. just need a pay check!! :)

MABELLE87 SparkPoints: (3,155)
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Posts: 84
1/14/12 9:37 P

Good Luck Becky, you can do this emoticon

BECKS79 Posts: 84
1/14/12 9:02 P

Well thanks again for the tips! I think to start I may get the fitness coach and if cost allows it the Wii fit too! Wish me luck!!!

EMMAFLY SparkPoints: (74,504)
Fitness Minutes: (114,838)
Posts: 890
1/13/12 7:20 P


I just got a Wii Fit for Christmas, and I like the Rhythm Boxing, strength training, Super Hula Hoop, Free Run... heck, I like them all. If using just a Wii, try Wii Sports. My favorites in that set are any of the boxing routines.

Good luck and have fun!

Bonus: with Wii Fit, the more you do certain exercises the more you "unlock" for them...

KITTY22KAT SparkPoints: (7,309)
Fitness Minutes: (4,778)
Posts: 128
1/13/12 2:36 P

Hey i have like every game there is for fitness and get bored it depends what you like, i have settled with the zumba and just dance games which are fun once you have learned the moves but there's others like my fitness coach and biggest loser that plan out work outs for you which are good but i found them to hard and boring personally but still good games, hope you have fun :) x

DROPADRESSSIZE1 SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (1,389)
Posts: 3
1/13/12 10:58 A

We had gotten my daughter Just Dance Country 2 for Christmas. I tried it a few times and it's not easy to do. I feel it in my legs after just a few songs. It's a challenge and the music is great!

GLITTERBOOTS SparkPoints: (5,536)
Fitness Minutes: (4,246)
Posts: 25
1/12/12 9:44 P

I am a big fan of the WII Just Dance game as well. I agree you have to put in the effort and not cheat, but it's a lot of fun. On JD3 you earn additional menus with additional song options. JD3 also has lots of group dances which are fun to do with friends.

BECKS79 Posts: 84
1/12/12 8:43 P

Thanks everyone for the tips!

I think I am going to look into My Fitness Coach ... I am going to go to walmart this weekend and check it out!

Thanks ...keep the options coming, cause I am definately someone who gets bored easy!!!!

All the info is appreciated!!!

CHEETARA79 SparkPoints: (107,285)
Fitness Minutes: (107,717)
Posts: 3,874
1/12/12 11:18 A

I also love the Just Dance games. I have 2 and 3 and I think they're comparable to taking an aerobics class. However, you have to put the effort into them. If you just wave your hands around to get the points, it's not the same as doing all the steps with the footwork.

I have the Wii Fit Plus too and I don't use it much. It's a fun game but it's not exercise. Even if you're really out of shape, it may not be challenging enough for you.

WAYCAT Posts: 1,012
1/12/12 10:21 A

How dies Just Dance compare to Zumba Fitness 2?
Dies anybody know?

ZEMORA SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (5,445)
Posts: 460
1/12/12 9:21 A

I love doing Just Dance to get my hour of cardio. It's awesome and anyone can do it.

WAYCAT Posts: 1,012
1/12/12 7:02 A

I got a Wii Fit just before Christmas due to quitting my gym - see my Spark Page for more info for my reasons.

The Wii Fit Plus game was a good start and a bit of fun, but nowhere near challenging enough for me.

I have since added Zumba Fitness 2 and My Fitness Coach Get In Shape to my collection, and have to say that these two titles are excellent.

With Zumba, I've had to stop for a while because my knees are very sore from using the wrong shoes. But it is a great workout, good fun and very motivating. Plus, if some of the moves don't suit you (they can be very quick, twisty & turny!) then you can modify them to so something that is easier and more suited to your abilities. You can also set the class length from short, medium or full length, customise your own playlists with your favourite tracks, etc.... alot of scope for variety. I'm looking forward to getting back into Zumba when my knees are better and I have the proper shoes.

I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE My Fitness Coach Get In Shape. It basically takes the form of a personal trainer encouraging you and keeping you motivated. You set it up with basic details such as age, weight, height, some measurements, etc.. and you take a short fitness test to ascertain your current fitness level. Then you are asked what your goals are, and a workout program is conceieved for you.
You can change the suggested daily focus, so if one day it suggests you do upper body but you fancy lower body or core or whatever, you can change that. You specify the length of time you want to workout, whether you own any equipment such as weights or a step, and you can choose the music type and workout environment - more music and environment options are unlocked for you as you progress through the game.
There is also an option to change the number of days per week you are able to commit to working out, as the program initially suggests a weekly program based on your goals.
I have been using this for about 3 weeks now and am totally addicted! I find the persona trainer, Maya, to be a friendly face (even though it's only an avatar!!!) and she does a good job to keep you motivated. Perhaps in my case TOO motivated as I'm feeling totally exhausted at the moment from using the program so much!
As to the intensity of the workouts, all I can say is I am fit and have been working out for 11 years or more now, but since I've started using My Fitness Coach my workouts have taken on a whole new lease of life and I'm really enjoying the new challenges!

Have fun with your Wii Fit!!!

CALLIEKUMQUAT SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (7,279)
Posts: 167
1/12/12 12:12 A

Just Dance 1, 2, and 3, as well as Zumba 1 & 2 are amazing calorie burners!!!

BECKS79 Posts: 84
1/11/12 10:30 P

I thought about getting the Wii fit .. I just may have to look into it this weekend!

Thanks for the post!!

1/11/12 5:11 P

I have Wii Fit Plus and all the Just Dance games.

I think Wii Fit is GREAT for a beginner. I have gotten bored with it over the months, but the start out exercises are great. Just Dance is also great if you want something that isn't so fitness related and fun. Plus the have a Just Sweat option.

BECKS79 Posts: 84
1/11/12 4:51 P

Hello all,

I am wondering what Wii games people have used for fitness purposes and how they were. Cardio and or strength training options, are they good for beginners, so they keep you interested?

Help!! I am looking for fitness options and we just got a Wii!!



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