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MFOSTER2003 SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (1,790)
Posts: 73
5/16/11 9:41 P

I love wii fit games.

CATSDONTPRAY SparkPoints: (14,225)
Fitness Minutes: (2,161)
Posts: 1,174
5/16/11 9:07 P

Well, I will admit that I've majorly slacked off on using mine. That has to do with "real life" interfering with a lot of my goals. I'm not even getting to Spark as much as I'd like (no internet at home). I'm hoping for a total "reset" by the end of June and getting back at all of it better than ever.

AFZ2007 Posts: 91
5/15/11 5:53 P

I'm just hoping this is one thing I will actually be able to stick with. Being a game makes it fun though and I also have the Biggest Loser game, so I know I can do it if I just try.

CATSDONTPRAY SparkPoints: (14,225)
Fitness Minutes: (2,161)
Posts: 1,174
5/15/11 3:19 P

I like my Wii Fit too! I do get frustrated sometimes when I step on and it says, "That's overweight!," but it's also motivating in a way. Soon I will get to hear it say, "That's normal!" (or whatever it will say then, I guess).

AFZ2007 Posts: 91
5/15/11 2:32 P

I just started using the Wii Fit yesterday and I LOVE it! Although my Mii looks terrible, I know that if I work on it, I can get her to look better! Hoping I can find 30 mins today to work out on the Wii...but my son is 15 mths old so unless he is napping, it doesn't work very well. lol

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