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CEEJAY0630 Posts: 642
5/1/11 9:28 A

Yes like Mamy said, just punch in Wii and "some" will pop up, not all of them mind you, but I think there is a place you can add stuff, isn't there?? Someone correct me if I am wrong!!

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4/30/11 9:37 A


If you type in Wii in your cardio fitness tracker (click the Add Cardio button) it will bring up a list of those exercises that SparkPeople tracks.

I hope this helps!

MAMYLOU Posts: 6
4/29/11 11:35 P

I love using my Wii Fit and Sports Resorts games for exercise during the day. I also plan to add the dance games for a change up. Does SparkPeople list these activities for the fitness following section? If they do I have not seen it. If not I think they should because those are the exercises I go by when following my progress.

Any thoughts, ideas?

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