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WALIDGAZALA Posts: 8,106
11/9/11 7:49 A

Dont weght daily then there is no problem

25OPTIMIZE Posts: 18,109
11/9/11 6:52 A

It is very common to have different rates of weight loss each week. Think of the "average" weight loss per week, and then just roll with the ups and downs.

FRAN0426 Posts: 20,736
11/6/11 1:32 P

Five pounds the first week, i/2 pound second week---hey thats on the right track

DWROBERGE Posts: 355,207
11/6/11 1:30 P

Why not?

NIGHTSKYSTAR SparkPoints: (508,271)
Fitness Minutes: (340,974)
Posts: 44,075
11/4/11 11:10 P

Half a pound is GREAT!!! think of it as 2 sticks of butter..thats ALOT!

ILOVEGABE707 Posts: 31
11/4/11 4:54 P

Alrighty! Thank you for your response!

TONKA14 Posts: 4,947
11/4/11 2:47 P

Not uncommon and you are still on track for your weight loss goals. Keep up with your daily goals and allow your body to continue to adjust to your new routines.

Coach Tanya

ILOVEGABE707 Posts: 31
11/4/11 9:48 A

I started my weight loss journey two weeks ago. The first week I lost 6 lbs. but this week I only lost .5lbs. Why? I have been workingout, and doing what sparkpeople tells me to. I have been changing up the workouts too...

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