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3/29/13 4:49 P

Looking purely at your shared trackers and if they are somewhat accurate it seems like you are not eating enough. Looks like you only eat three large or small calorie packed meals and that is about it. The other issue is that you are not taking in enough protein either. Calories are good to watch, but you need to make sure you are taking in enough of everything while watching those calories as well. That is one of the things that I have personally learned through classes and diet programs is that eating small frequent meals are key to help loose weight more consistently and faster. for instance I eat at least every 2-3 hours. I eat something healthy with protein, wait an hour, drink something and then wait 15-20 minutes and then eat something else and that entails my eating for the day. Don't get me wrong I eat the wrong things at least once or twice a day, but generally speaking when I do I don't eat enough of those bad things to make a difference in the end goal. Absolute minimum of 50-60 grams of protein a day. From the days that I am looking it seems that you are averaging 30-60 grams of protein which on most days is not enough.

I am not a physician or a nutritionist but someone who is very concerned with loosing weight and I am not making any recommendations on diet or prescribing anything. I am just sharing information that I have learned through my own experiences.

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3/29/13 12:41 P

I keep hearing the salad suggestion, it's promoted by WW as well, but I really dont find salads all that interesting and get bored with them quickly. It's my pickiness, because I could make them more interesting by adding more to them, but then I dont want to eat them for the opposite reason. I think I just like cucumbers... lol

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3/29/13 10:01 A

I spend my weekend night when my better half works (since he works midnights now) cooking meals and freezing them. I even bough small single serve containers so he has some he can grab and take to work with him.
We all like different veggies though so frozen veggies are easy and quick to add at the last minute - I do those whenever we are ready for that meal on that night.
I do cook, debone and freeze chicken or turkey and ham for soups and keep it in the stock when freezing for soups and stews and cassersoles. I take the lengthy process out of the meals but still tend to finish whatever we want that night whenever possible.
I eat more veggies whereas my daughter and my better half tend to want their breads and rice, pasta, gravy or taters with theirs.
Prepping things ahead of time - whether you prep the entire meal or just the part that seems to take the most of your night - sure makes things easier.
Good luck!!!!
Another thing I learned is to add a salad to every meal - its hels lower the calorie intake and helps as a filler.

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3/28/13 10:27 A

Hi JIMBUNNY - Ya, I was just frustrated the day I started this post, overall I'm losing about 5 pounds a month, and I'm only 3 lbs short of where I should be today to reach my June 30th goal weight, so I was just having a day. I tried a mini-batch of chicken last night. We'll see how that goes, recently there have been more eat-out socials than I can decline, so while I've stayed within my calories, it's been more of a challenge. I dont naturally know how to cook, and it never takes me 20-30 minutes or less, so I loath the process, but ERICA on here sent me a great link last night full of batch cooking ideas I'l try next week if the mini-batch goes well from this week. I notice some people on here seem to have a variety to eat with each meal, seems exhausting to plan all that food. Regardless, I'm doing fine, paying less attention to the scale now. I'm 163 now and excited, down 15 lbs from where I started January 1st and excited.

Regarding IBS, its not predictable at all, one day something that didnt upset you at all for days will upset your system, I have figured out very few patterns. Bread is settling to my stomach more often than not though, strangely I dont eat rice (brown or white) too often. I only like it though with loads of butter, so that's not going to work... LOL. I do intend to keep going to the gym, I was born with a rapid heart rate condition as well as having low blood pressue, I never knew about the heart issue until a year ago, but just found out the other day in a follow up that they can hear its improvement since I started going, gym turned out to have double benefits!

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3/28/13 1:21 A

Popped back on this thread to see the responses since I last posted. It sounds like you are doing a lot better with the "head" part of it. Believing you can, gives you the strength to think clearly and find solutions. More than 1/2 the battle, in my opinion. I don't know much at all about IBS but have used same tactic of bread to settle my stomach when i don't feel good. When i'm being diligent about what i eat, i don't eat bread really. It's something that is really hard for me to not eat too much of. When I have a stomachache, i have brown rice instead. I am not tempted to eat too much and it serves same purpose for me. In the rice aisle they sell pre-packaged cups that you can microwave in one minute. I also dump those into a healthy salad and don't have crazy hunger a short time later. Plus fiber content is good (though I don't know how that affects IBS). I have a lot of the same issues you do with time--work about a 70 hour week. My best suggestion for our situation is to definitely do the batch cooking. I think that those of us that work/school long hours etc know that devoting 20-30 minutes at night to make dinner or in am to prepare a lunch, is just something that gets away from us most of time. There are days with the best laid plans, that it STILL is an impossibility!!! It also will help you save money. And experiment with your cooking. I TRY (operative word) to shop for food&prepare it on Sunday morning. Work days are just too unpredictable and when i'm hungry, it just is an unstoppable thing with about a 2-3 minute window....if it's as easy to microwave something i have prepared in advance or snack on healthy thing WHILE i'm preparing a real dinner then I typically will do. If it's not easy, then hunger is probably going to win. I am also an awful/inexperienced cook and don't really enjoy doing it either. Trust me bulk prepare is going to be a lifesaver once you fall into the routine of it.
Also with such limited time, like you have, I would concentrate on the food/eating part primarily and add in exercise a bit later once food habits become more routine. Sometimes trying to "do it all" when there literally is not enough time, will de-rail you.
good luck

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3/25/13 5:41 P

Thats what it likely is, as everyone says, its probably that your not taking in enough calories to sustain your regular work outs so your body is holding on to what you eat. I think you need to push to get to 1450. Add more grains somewhere, some breads that are healthy. You likely need 100-200 more calories a day. I wish I personally had achieved lack of hunger! I'm not starving, but its likely because your stomach never nears empty, thats not all that convenient for me. To become hungrier, try going 2 hours without a snack. I personally think 3 hours leads to binges, so dont push it too far. It's about trial and error, try this a week, see if you can budge off a half pound, then try it for 2 weeks, if it's not working, keep experimenting, you'll get there :)

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3/25/13 4:08 P

I try to stay at about 1300 a day but often dont make that - I find myself stuffed like a animal who went to see a taxidermist, lol..... and still fall short on my calorie intake....
I have food at hand all day long -
raw carrots, sugar snaps, cauliflower, broccoli, red radishes, turnips, cucumbers, brussel sprouts, mushrooms, dried cranberries and almonds, spinaich and kale often go with my dinner meal as a side dish, red kidney beans as a side or on top of a salad for the added iron....
fish two times a week or more - seldom shelled sea foods -
more chicken - skinless over red meats because of the fat intake - but I do have fajitas once a week for the iron in the red meats
I leave out the tortillas and sour cream and opt for guacamole instead
tons of pico de gallo for the flavor though - fresh - not packaged!
Yeah I am at rock bottom emotionally right now and I am trying not to lose it completely

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3/25/13 3:48 P

You didnt say, are you sticking to a certain number of calories? I ate around 1350-1450 a day! I do think it's the gym, can you budget an hour of more with a trainer, they push more than you will on your own. You're at the weight that took me 3 months to reach though, I feel soo good, so I bet you're fit. I know people keep saying this, but maybe you toned up and gained muscle, but it IS annoying!

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3/25/13 3:19 P

I snack all day for the most part
so yes breakfast -
I package my own food for snacking throughout the day
I only sit down for dinner as a real meal - and even that is lean meats and veggies -
If i want a snack - because I am an imsomniac - diagnosed - its ice cold water and a piece of fruit like a peach or banana or sliced apples -
I am adding weights to my routine - but still you would think -
from zero exercise to a good treadmill routine - would invite some sort of change
from eating whatever I want to eating everything I should and eliminating whould I should not be eating..... that would make at least a small difference - doing both would see some srt of results......
NOTHING is making a change..... not even a small 5 lb dif over 6 months

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3/25/13 3:12 P

That is frustrating, you're doing far more right than me. How many calories are you eating a day, water in-take, and do you always eat breakfast? You should probably switch it up at the gym, I can attest that your body losses when you first change your activities, then it adjusts and stops showing results (least mine does!). I push hard at the gym though (when I go--the last two weeks have been IBS issues, back this week).

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3/25/13 11:24 A

OMG - you mean I am not the only one!!!
Whew I thought I was losing my mind
43 yrs old -
I work all day - from 730am - 530pm
I pick up my daughter from dance class directly after that
we go home - she gets settled into homework and I cook dinner -
Grilled meats not fried, fresh fruits and veggies
no breads, no rice, no pasta of any kind
I am not a big sweet tooth person so no candy no cake no ice cream for me
I cut out my soda almost 3 yrs ago
I minimized my sugar in my coffee and tea - down almost 1/2 of what I used to use....
I use my lunch hour to go to the gym - usually 40-45 minutes on the treadmill at 3.5 at a 15% incline or higher.... but NEVER at a snails pace so to speak.....
5 months into this -
no difference in my clothes, no difference in inches or lbs on the scale....

been to the Drs back in Nov - my iron level is drastically low.... so I am taking 3 iron pills a day and I have recently added Vit C to help my body absorb it - just in case....
Went this morning for another fasting lab test - I should have the results back next week -
Its not like we are a lazy household. We hike for hours on the weekends and miles. We rollerblade, we swim like fish when the weather warms up - and in Texas that's 8 months out of the year almost, lol....

I just do not understand it either
If anyone has any ideas, suggestions on foods or exercise or questions to ask the Dr when I go back - I'm so lost and depressed for this weight period.... I have trying to lose it for the last 3 years - and absolutely nothing seems to work
I do not eat processed foods - if it comes in a box I don't touch it
I don't even eat canned veggies -
frozen if I am in a dire need but fresh is the norm for me.....

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3/24/13 11:30 P

Yes, it's definitely trial and error. I pray that you find your solution soon!

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3/24/13 10:03 P

ERICABETH, that is awful, Celiac was one of the first things they ruled out. I doubted it though, I often turn to bread to settle my stomach. It's man-made $hit. I felt the best when my grocery budget was doubled and I ate fresh foods, I mean it was perfect, my IBS rotates with my hormones and I'm highly irregular, but it was the best I felt. I couldn't afford it, went back to some packaged foods, and here I am again. I can't seem to figure it out besides that whey products often upset my stomach, not ice cream though. Ugh! It's trial and error, but they have me drinking Miralax regularly, that has done some help to regulate that issue, but still doesn't solve the stomach aches.

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3/24/13 7:41 P

Hey there,
I was diagnosed with IBS about 6 years ago. I was so miserable... My doctor tried everything, anti-depressants, ADD meds, vitamins, I even tried some alternative methods, acupuncture and colonic treatments (yup, I was desperate.) None of those things had a long term impact and who wants to be medicated their entire life? A friend told me about her diagnosis of celiac disease. She gave me a book and it was a life changing read for me. I had all the symptoms, had been through all the treatments as described... So, I made a choice to begin my gluten free journey. It's been 13 months and I don't regret anything about it. I feel so much better. It's easier for me to find the energy to work out. I'm not sick all the time and I no longer have vitamin deficiencies. Your IBS may be aggravated by a food allergy that you are not even aware of. It took about two weeks for my body to heal and begin to feel better after I eliminated gluten. You may have an allergy, or sensitivity to some type of food. I wish you the best of luck and hang in there. I know how exhausting the IBS symptoms are.

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3/24/13 7:34 P

I know how you feel. I got on the scale today and gained 2 pounds. Sometimes my blood sugar is way high and sometimes low. Sometimes my blood pressure does the same and it gets frustrating.

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3/24/13 4:16 P

Lost 2 more lbs finally, and I'm considering getting the Insanity DVDs now.

My batch cooking starts Wednesday, we'll see, I don't have a plan besides chicken yet.

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3/23/13 6:53 P

I've been doing insanity for four weeks now. Trust me it is definitely not a gimmick, the workouts are intense. I'm not saying you'll lose 40lbs in 2 months but I can see an improvement, I've lost inches, and I'm hoping by the end of it I will have lost 15-20 lbs. (or at least be able to fit into my pre-pregnancy pants) But if nothing more, my fitness level is significantly better.

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3/23/13 5:29 P

Interesting, I thought the insanity videos were a gimmick or the latest fad. How long have you been doing it?

Also, I started looking into batch cooking... I bought some vacuum pack bags, I'm gonna cook Wednesday nights and see how that goes.

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3/23/13 4:00 P

Also, to save time I buy frozen veggies/fruits and frozen chicken breasts which save a lot of time.

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3/23/13 3:58 P

I am currently doing Insanity, I didn't see any results in the first two weeks even though I was working out every day and sweating like crazy. I tried limiting my caloric intake to 1500-1700 calories, which should have led to weight loss, but nothing. That changed when I started to follow the insanity meal plan which is basically five 300 calories meals per day. They are all pretty quick and easy to prepare and it's affordable. Since following the meal plan my metabolism has increased and I've started losing inches.

I think you can download the meal plan online if you want to take a look and see if it would work for you.

ERICADURR Posts: 243
3/23/13 2:51 P

I just typed up a huge message and it deleted it. :( I'll definitely give you some tips, if you want to message me! I went through law school and understand your frustration.

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3/22/13 8:50 P

Hi ERICADURR, I got maybe too defensive yesterday about my diet. I need help. I can't afford the all fresh foods approach, if it was just another $100, but it doubled our household budget and I can't make permanent cuts at that level. I honestly do barely cook, I microwave. I need quicker solutions that I will do. I buy fresh meat and it goes bad, so I stopped.

I know some have more time on their hands or they're just natural cooks, so they don't relate, but I don't have a lotta ideas myself. Please help me eat better, I'll listen.


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3/21/13 4:59 P

I havent given up and I stopped focusing on the scale as well, it's not so encouraging as I'm wearing pants at work today that are saggging on me, that's my new focus and it feels great!

ERICADURR, did you just look at the last 2 weeks, I have IBS, and eat between 1350 and 1450 calories everyday, but for the last week or so I've been sick with IBS and before that I had the flu, so it's really impacted my caloric intake, I also have been unable to make it to the gym with IBS as often. Actually the symptoms just stopped, you'll notice the calories went back up yesterday and hopefully I'll be back to the gym next week.

As for processed foods, I know, if you go back to January and February my diet consisted of more veggies and fruits, little processed, but my grocery bill more than doubled, couldnt afford it continuously so I decided to do Healthy Choice and Lean Cuisines. On good weeks, I work full-time, go to the gym at least 3 times a week, and I'm in grad school, I have little time for cooking until next year after I finish, I'm starting the CPA exam this fall which demands one's commitment and failure is expensive. You'll notice when the summer comes, I won't be taking any classes, I'll be cooking more (although I'm not a great cook, I have no idea how to whip up a meal in 15 minutes, even when I find 20 minute receipies, it takes me 45 minutes, I just dont have that kind of time especially since I added the gym and that exhausted my extra time). School is a major commitment for another year for me, but I'm not giving up and have much improved my eating habits and stayed away from what my husband is eating... lol

I do indulge though, I wouldnt even stick to this if I didnt indulge, no point if you're misserable, I make sure I stay within calories, but if I have an easter candy, I'm more motivated to make it up later with more veggies. :)

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3/20/13 4:59 P

I just wanted to let you know that I am going through a lot of the same emotions that you are. It is so, so frustrating to feel like you are putting work in and not getting anywhere. But I think we must be even if we are having a hard time seeing it. These healthy habits we are trying to learn will help us maintain a healthy weight once we have figured out what piece of the puzzle we are currently missing to get the pounds coming off... and we won't find that missing piece ever if we don't keep at it. Stay strong! :)

ERICADURR Posts: 243
3/20/13 3:25 P

I looked at your tracking and either you're not eating enough, or you're not actually tracking everything that goes into your mouth. Also, even on the days you're achieving your caloric goals, you're DEFINITELY not eating enough protein. You need to up your protein consumption, dump a good deal of the processed junk you're putting into your body, and minimize your sugar intake. You also need to up your calories if you are tracking correctly, and if not tracking correctly, start (because I know that when I don't, I consume a LOT more calories than I realize). I'm 100% sure that if you make these changes, the scale WILL DEFINITELY reflect them.

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3/20/13 10:58 A

The common theme here is how insignificant a number on the scale really is! Don't rely on a number to help you feel better, remember to think about how much stronger you are and will continue to be-physically as well as mentally. Forget the scale for now-it's a journey, not a destination.

Just typing this is reinforcement for myself! emoticon

3/20/13 9:48 A

Dont give up!!!!

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3/18/13 1:53 P

I'm aparently much better at lack of weight loss than dealing with weight gain, this week would make more sense, lots of issues with my IBS in the last week, but no weight gained... yaaay!

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3/17/13 7:00 P

I was talking with some people today about weight loss and one of them was really upset that she had gained weight when she had worked so hard for a week solid. One of the comments that another friend gave was that she had been successful even with a small weight gain because she was conscientious the ENTIRE week even through a lot of stress and things going that made it hard to keep focused. That's really what I think it's all about. Staying focused. I was awful this week and didn't really gain weight at all...weigh exactly the same BUT had the missed opportunity of all those days to lose and teach myself better habits because I was REALLY unfocused and sabatogued EVEN. It's important to give yourself credit to success with all that small behavioral steps that will result in weight loss because overall that is what will change weight for long-term and keep it that way without gaining weight back. Like even though I had a terrible week, I can go back through it and compliment myself on a few good choices I made as well being cognizant of what was messing me up. I think if you go back and look for positive successes as another form of measuring success when the scale isn't as friendly, it will help :)

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3/17/13 11:03 A

LOVE1TIF - I'm so glad to see you are feeling better and back on track. I've learned to not get too crazy when I see a sudden jump in the scale, because I've gone up and down as much as 8 pounds a day when I'm hormonal and retaining water. Talk about depressing! But thank goodness, it goes away almost as quickly as it comes.

Slow and steady... and keep on moving! :)

LOVE1TIF SparkPoints: (6,094)
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3/15/13 7:57 A

Ok, lesson learned... I was having a down day, down week actually, and gaining 5 lbs back didn't help, but 5 lbs gained was gone again a few days later... bodies are weird! I've got my umph back and have decided to focus more on size, measurements, strength gain, and clothing fit, not so much on the scale!

Thanks everyone.

3/13/13 1:30 A

I think that sounds like what I was told a long time ago. I'm just not sure how much to go up and it worries me that I won't lose any at all (wow! Hasn't that already happened??) I guess it's worth a shot. I'm not losing anyway. I'll get back and let the group know how it went.

NEWLISA2013 Posts: 69
3/12/13 9:43 P

Another thing that may be slowing your seem to be working out very regularly. You should take into account how many calories you are burning, and eating. Although your spark nutrition may be telling you to eat 1500 calories, you do that, then you burn half of that in a workout, well, it may defeat the purpose. I think, from what ppl have told me, is that you need at least the minimum spark tells you to take try upping your calories a little to make up for what you are losing. Sounds strange, I know...but you are eating less to lose weight and exercising to gain muscle, so you need to balance it out. Just passing on advice that was given to me and it seemed to be true.

DAWDLIN Posts: 69
3/12/13 2:02 P

I would change your goal like I'm doing. I want to feel better, enhance my health (high blood pressure and developing arthritis) and look better in my clothes. :-) 1 lb of fat and 1 lb of muscle weight exactly the same but LOOK completely different! Therefore, what difference does the scale make if you were to weigh very little... you might still look and feel terrible!

Have you ever noticed people at the same height and weight as you all look very different than you? Skinny fat is not attractive. Like you, I don't want to be buff or extremely muscular. But, I don't work out like women who are either. I doubt that is ever going to happen. But, I can look good, increase my BMR by adding muscle, eat right 80% of the time, enjoy some of my favorite foods on occasion, increase my energy level, etc.... that is my goal. Live life, not diet.

KNAGIE Posts: 2
3/11/13 7:46 A

I know how you feel. I have the same problem for weeks now. What keeps me motivated is that I can clearly see that my body is changing/ I am getting stronger.
Every time I think that it is senseless I say to myself "when you quit now you will never know if you can change" and than I just keep on eating healthy en working out.

3/10/13 9:25 P

I am so glad that I found this message board. I too have been doing this and following the diet for about 3 weeks. I am very religious about staying within my caloric range. I try to be more active and I ride a stationary bike for an hour every other day. Each of those days the odometer says I have ridden about 18-20 miles, so I'm not slacking and leisurely riding. Problem is that I am hovering around the same weight as when I started. I'm not great at the water thing but I drink as much as I can. Why no weight loss?
The only thing I can think of is that I was told a long time ago that when you are doing rigorous exercise that burns a lot of calories at once, you need to make sure that you are consuming enough to fuel your body or the body will think you are starving it.
Has anyone else heard this??

JIMBUNNY SparkPoints: (0)
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3/10/13 5:46 P

I think many people feel the way you have at various times about their weight. Here is a good tip that helps me in relation to how you are feeling:

I weigh myself every day. There are some legitimate, scientific schools of thought that say this is a good thing, while on the other hand many weight loss schools of thought say the opposite. I say do what works for you. One reason this has worked for me is that I become very knowledgeable about my own particular patterns of weight on scale as it relates to eating/exercise patterns just the day before. Also I can see a general slide up the scale or a general slide down. The variations that happen because of water weight, etc don't phase me as much when I weigh every day because I can see what's going on and relate it back to my behavior the day before. For example, I can remember that I may have eaten lots of salty foods the day before on a day that my weight goes up. And same goes for exercise! It always amazes me that the day after I have worked out my hardest (usually saturdays), I weigh the most/or retain water the most the next day. But it teaches me what is normal for me. When I tried to weigh myself just once a week as lots of weight loss programs recommend, i get super depressed. I don't have much weight to lose and since 1-2 pounds a week is normal for everyone anyway, a fluctuation 1 or 2 pounds up is NOT abnormal for me...however, that result seen after a week of hard work is completely depressing. I suggest taking smaller steps and making the scale one of your everyday tools, along with several others. When I weighed myself once a week, it was like crossing my fingers and just letting "fate" take over....a very powerless position that more often than not let me down and derailed me. But when I weigh every day (sometimes even 2 times a day), I can see that fluctuations are ABSOLUTELY normal and that there ARE little adjustments I can make to influence my progress. It has kept me much more engaged with the weight management process AND looking as this as a lifestyle rather than a sacrifice I will make for several months until I hit a goal weight and then slack off. Emotionally and long-term I feel like weighing once a week sets some people up to fail. Each person has their own ways that personally motivate them. Play around with yours and see what works best for you. Maybe it could be weighing every day.

Also I totally agree. Food prices are out of control. I also noticed that whenever I was trying to eat really healthy, I would go out and spend a fortune on a variety of just the right things....only to throw out tons of produce that had gone bad before I could get around to eating it. Part of that is due to PLANNING to eat a variety of meals...when I have planned to eat a more repetitive set of meals for the week, I make much better use of my food and need much less, therefore it's cheaper. Of course, it means several meals that are the same throughout the week, which doesn't bother me but it might bother some people. If that would work for you at all, I promise it is less expensive.

Be kind to yourself, pat yourself on your back for things that you worked hard on and try to discover most effective ways to motivate yourself---they are different for different people. Keep experimenting in the "what motivates me" area. Lots of people recommend setting rewards like pedicures, new clothing or trips for yourself when you reach various goals....sounds simple enough, right? That doesn't really work for me....maybe it would for you though....see keep finding out about yourself! This part may be a little deep but sometimes I think people gain weight because they DO a lot for others and STOP caring and paying attention to themselves. Since I relate that to some of my weight gain, I don't find it motivating to withhold treating myself as my BEST self until i'm skinnier. I am actually more motivated when I do the pedicure now, buy a new outfit to look my best at this current weight, go on a trip that is fun makes me forget to eat and engages me in my life....all of which are better for my weight loss. I guess my overall point is to treat this a lifestyle, make it your own---one in which you present your best self and the things you are doing that support presenting the best you are not a sacrifice or a burden but evidence that you are doing that for yourself and something to be proud of. To try to put yourself in that mindset will help you go the distance.

NGREGOR SparkPoints: (16,523)
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Posts: 728
3/10/13 12:04 P

Love 1, I hope you are feeling a bit better today.

First, muscle weighs more than fat, emoticon so you may be toning those muscles and losing fat but weighing more. Check how those clothes are fitting. They may be getting just a little looser here and there. I have great holding and gaining power and very little losing power. Since Spark People Nutrition Tracking I’ve lost very little, seem to hold forever, but at least I’ve not gained. However, my clothes are looser; I have a pair of new slacks a size smaller that actually fit. I have to keep working at it because I bought a couple of pairs of shorts on-line that same size (I’m an optimist) and they are a little snug.

Second, the cost of food. $$$ Try to avoid buying cookies, chips, Frosted Flakes, etc. and apply those costs in the produce aisle. I am sure you watch for items on sale.

Third, tricks. emoticon The easiest tricks are with ground beef. If a recipe calls for 1 lb, use ½ or ¾ lb instead. Apply the motto “Always look for the good in every problem: you’ll save a few calories, a few grams of fat, and a few pennies, and, in the long run, you and your family will all be a little healthier. I had an over-weight friend who always added sugar when she cooked corn, fresh or canned. Also, plant cherry tomatoes, even if it only 1 or 2 in a container on a counter or windowsill. Sometimes they grow profusely and are easy to pop in your mouth for a healthy, sweet snack.

Fourth, frozen diet meals cost more than homemade emoticon . Grilling or baking without breading chicken breasts and eating just 1 or even half of 1, eating a bunch of on sale canned green beans, and a small-medium baked potato is better than Lean Cuisine, etc. Also, you make 1 family meal and you aren’t making a big deal out of dieting.

Every day is a new day, and soon we will have a new season of birds twittering and flowers blooming. Add a stroll or two with family, parking farther from the door, window shopping or mall walking emoticon and you just might shed a lb or 2 in a couple of weeks. emoticon

LOVEXAVIE SparkPoints: (42,809)
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Posts: 2,449
3/9/13 2:51 P


I have been doing this entire journey without the scale, as have many members. I only (very gingerly) stepped on it once to get a starting weight in order to get a calorie range from Spark.
After that, I haven't touched a scale (well, except my food scale - so I know what I'm eating).

I did this approach because I at 5'10", I will automatically see a "big" number on the scale and I just didn't want that kind of drama. After seeing so many achieve success w/o the scale, I thought I'd try it that way and it's been a blessing. We're all different, but maybe consider it.

I used an old awful pair of lounge pants to gauge my progress (the only things that would fit comfortably to sleep in). I wanted them to eventually fall off if me. I hung them up where I could see them multiple x's daily, stuck a post-it on the hanger that said, "Goal #1!" and would try them on ever 10 days / couple of weeks.
The day they did fall off, I wrote that down on the note as well. I still have them hanging up! I just have new goals along side of them.

Another thing you can do is just pay attention to how your clothes fit. I knew things were working when I started needing to safety pin the waist bands tighter on my skirts...first one safety pin, then two! Then off to the tailor or donation place. Maybe you can hang up a pair of pants that are too small now, then try them on every 2 wks and see how it goes.

Doing this gave me real, visible proof of progress without the scale drama.
Eventually, I went from a 18/20 to a 6-8. I still don't know what I weigh and couldn't care less.

The two huge things I did that I feel influenced my results this time were cutting back alcohol and really ramping the veggies and fruit. Both things I continue to this day (maybe a cocktail a couple x's a year). The 7-9 servings of mainly veggies + fruits, I will do forever as it made a huge difference& continues to do so in maintenance. The first week I started doing that, people were asking me if I lost weight.
Yes, quality produce does cost more but I just cut back in other areas.

Good luck and we're glad you didn't quit!

LOVE1TIF SparkPoints: (6,094)
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Posts: 51
3/9/13 2:28 P

Sigh... WholeNewMe79... I knew someone would say something today to 'spark' that motivation. OMG, I need to start measuring! You're goals are right on mark with mine. I want to be smaller, youre right, the scale just makes feel like theres no change, and for me the bonus is being healthier and stronger too! Being smaller means I feel I pretty (I feel that there are numeorous big girls that are pretty by the way, but many have always been big girls and hopefully they feel as pretty as they look), I was always a healthy weight though and I feel un-attractive with a belly, with back fat, with clothes two sizes too small (and I refuse to buy larger clothes), and no way would I be seen in my bikini right now. So thank you, you reminded me just now that I am in a pair of pants I haven't been in in a year, the scale is doing nothing for me except depressing me. So, how do I measure myself? I'm going to get a tape a CVS and start doing that. Thank you so much, I'm in such a better mood just realizing yes, it is about size and the fit of clothes, not weight, and if I'm back in one pair of pants, something is changing. Sigh, I've been depressed all day, I really needed that!

Thank you to eat of you, you're all right, I just needed the right spark to help me change re-align my goals, which was said, I just needed to figure out a new goal that made sense.

This is the most I've ever participated in the boards, and I'm so glad I did today. emoticon

WHOLENEWME79 Posts: 950
3/9/13 1:42 P

I stayed motivated because being smaller and healthier is my goal. The scale going down is a bonus. I used to focus on the scale as my primary method of determining success and I would always, always give up when I didn't have the success I wanted, or if I started to gain again after losing. My goal now is to wear a size 8/10 again. What I weight when I get there is no longer my biggest concern.

This has worked very well for me so far. I feel healthier, I feel better about myself, and I am thrilled when I do my measurements each month and see a loss, regardless of what that loss is.

You will set your own goals, goals you feel are appropraite for you, just try to keep in mind that how you reach that goal might not be a direct route.

LOVE1TIF SparkPoints: (6,094)
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3/9/13 1:17 P

Ps. Thank you again all. I've talked myself out of feeling this way successfully many days, but today I'm just stuck in a runt, and ran out of steam to talk myself into being motivated and positive, it's hard when your co-workers are seeing results (they're all paying for WW) and your spouse isn't even trying (he's the most sedentary person who eats terribly), and you feel alone in your lack of seeing results and I've changed m entire lifestyle this year, so it's just a bad day.

LOVE1TIF SparkPoints: (6,094)
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Posts: 51
3/9/13 12:57 P

Hi again, also I'm having a hard time affording all the veggies and fruits. While I haven't exceeded my caloric goals, I did add in Lean cuisines to help manage the costs. Our grocery bill has really impacted our cash flow, it doubled when I when I started sparks. I am a full-time accountant and grad student with IBS. Eating healthier significantly improved the IBS, but I don't have too much time to prepare all these recipies. Veggie steamers, fresh fruit, and actual 10 minute preparation meals are my go tos. I eat about 3 cups of popcorn a day. I tried things in order to stay within caloric range that I've never eaten before. My husband thinks I eat gross foods now, but they're certainly not pizza rolls, but acceptable and more filling.

At the gym, I work moderately hard, even my trainer has admitted I'm not the puss I was months ago.

Water is the most miserable challenge. I force it, but I loath it. I'm not that thirsty and who has time to pee every hour, haha, but seriously, my pee is nearly clear, I'm hydrated, but I can't get 8 glasses down, it's usually 4-6 if you include tea.

Just wondering if anyone has tips, I strongly feel like something is wrong with all that effort and no weight loss and firm abs hidden behind belly. Maybe I am PMSing today, I just didn't need to see 5 lbs gained on the scale today. I only weigh-in on weekends by the way.

Thanks all for any advice and mostly for listening to my rant. I promise I won't give up, I just want to feel better about it, trust me, this is a permanent lifestyle change, I never want to be this size again. A new marriage, a more sedentary life, and comfort really lowered my self-image.

Edited by: LOVE1TIF at: 3/9/2013 (12:59)
SP_COACH_NANCY SparkPoints: (0)
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3/9/13 12:50 P

You aren't, unless you allow this one moment to define you. TRUST ME you are making changes, but as with everything we really want, it takes time, determination and perseverance--and like I mentioned early a 7 pound weight gain in a day is not uncommon. Our bodies are designed to be like that. Stay focused.

Coach NAncy

LOVE1TIF SparkPoints: (6,094)
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Posts: 51
3/9/13 12:41 P

I'm not ready to give in yet, I am feeling really down today though, those benefits are good, but I have to admit they don't motivate me. Losing bellyfat and fitting in those work pants I loved wearing so much is my greatest motivators, and gaining back 5 lbs this week ruined my day. I just feel like I'm doing something wrong.

SP_COACH_NANCY SparkPoints: (0)
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Posts: 46,222
3/9/13 12:35 P


What if I told you, you will always have to workout, you are always going to have to primarily eat a healthy diet, drink water, would that change your outlook? This is not a diet and when you look at specific weight loss targets such as a pound of week, sooner or later you will abandon your program and find yourself right back to square one. This is why deprivation does not work. In fact my dietitians state that eating healthy 80% of the time is by far a better approach to healthy living than depriving yourself day in and day out.

It is difficult to say because there are so many factors as to the rate at which one loses...things such as genetics, current body composition, current level of fitness, intensity of the exercise, etc. Other factors that affect the scale include the weight of the food and liquid you just ate, the last time you used the restroom, water retention, hormonal changes, clothing and more. It's normal for your weight to fluctuate day-to-day and throughout the day. That's why it's best to weigh yourself less often (like once a week)

It isn't uncommon to see a slight upward shift in weight when we start exercising, or add a new training regimen and eating better. For one the muscles are making more mitochondria which allow for extra glycogen-stored glucose in the cells- therefore, your body hangs on to more water to help with the cooling off process for exercise and for helping process energy. Your muscles will also have an increase in blood volume in order to have better availability to oxygen and removing waste, especially lactic acid. These things coupled with eating higher fiber foods, such as fruits and veggies can show a gain, when in all reality it is just a shift in fluids.

Hang in there and try not to give a number on the scale so much power. It took me 3 1/2 years to lose 80 pounds, but I have kept the weight off for almost 5 years. And while I am proud of that, I am more proud that at my age (51) I am more active than many people half my age. That speaks more than any number on the scale.

Take Care!

Coach Nancy

BUNNYKICKS Posts: 2,433
3/9/13 12:30 P

"How do you stay motivated with any weight loss? Although I'm definitely healthier, stronger,and more toned, none of those reasons were my goals. "

My best suggestion would be to MAKE "healthier, stronger and more toned" as your main goals, and put the number on the scale in a secondary-goal position.

This is about how you feel (health wise), how you fit in your clothes... it isn't about achieving a particular number on a scale. The scale is only one of many tools we have to guide our efforts and mark our progress.

Now - if you are feeling better, fitter, more toned - why would you give that up? Don't throw in the towel on yourself, just because the scale is sluggish to respond to your efforts!!!

LOVE1TIF SparkPoints: (6,094)
Fitness Minutes: (2,084)
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3/9/13 12:25 P

How do you stay motivated with any weight loss? Although I'm definitely healthier, stronger,and more toned, none of those reasons were my goals. Two years ago I weighed 145 lbs, when I. Moved this past summer I realized I have a wardrobe of clothes and only 3 comfortable outfits. My motivation was to fit in those clothes again, without weight loss, I'm losing motivation. I hate turning down the home cooked goodies in my office, ignoring that my husband just brought home a full cheesecake, choosing not to participate in eating out all the time with friends, I'm sticking to it, but I have no idea why. Sparks people recommends the amount of calories I am consuming, just 1 pound a week is all I ask, I've done it before (on NutriSystem) but I wanted to try something different, but soon I'm going to just lose total interest. I don't want to be the big strong girl. I want to be thinner and fit again in all my clothes. I am so sad today :(

WHOLENEWME79 Posts: 950
3/9/13 12:14 P

You body isn't a calculator- While you may be doing everything right according to the numbers, sometimes it takes your body a while to show a loss on the scale. It took about 6 weeks of steady eating within my range and exercising before I saw the scale move, but in that time I noticed I had more energy and I was losing inches if not pounds.

Many folks will suggest looking for other ways to measure progress and I think that is a good idea. The scale is helpful but it is not the "be all, end all" of weight loss.

Something else people may mention is that you want to make sure you are eating enough- Not too little, not too much. So make sure you are accurately counting calories burned through exercise and are eating within your range according to SP. If you don't consume enough it can slow weight loss. I know many people say eat less to lose faster/more, but we go back to the "your body isn't a calculator" idea.

Don't give up! You can do it. Remember, if the goal is to be healthy, you are well on your way.

Good luck.

LOVE1TIF SparkPoints: (6,094)
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3/9/13 11:58 A

Please help, otherwise, I'm going to lose interest soon. Tell me, what am I doing wrong, I beg someone, please help. I am not losing even a pound a week. I'm 37, 5'4", and at first I saw results but for weeks now The only weight I Had lost was from being sick, then suddenly I gained it back. I never go over 1450 calories a day. I stay hydrated. I work out 3-4 times a week doing both weight training and the elliptical, how can I not be losing weight anymore?

Please please help.

A week ago I weighed 165, the scale says 170.6 today :(

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