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1/27/13 10:11 A

I agree with dragonchilde. The last 5- 10 lbs are tough but we just have to keep on pushing. I have lost 26 lbs total so far with 10 to go and at this point, I am more focused on thinking about maintaining that loss even if I don't make it the last 10. Just keep on doing what your doing with close attention to your calorie intake and calories burned!

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1/27/13 10:07 A

Well, for starters, it's because your body may not want you to. ;) 5 lbs is well within the normal variance for weight, and we often choose arbitrary numbers for our goals that may not be realistic for us to achieve. Given that our weight can fluctuate as much as 10 lbs in a single DAY, 5 lbs to go may simple be too tough.

Also, are you actually eating enough? With that little left to lose, you only really can expect to lose around .15-.25 a WEEK. That means your calorie deficit is going to be very small, with little room for error. You're well past the point where 1lb per week is possible.

Instead of focusing on the scale and your calorie burn, why not aim for composition, and start adding strength training if you haven't already? Your weight doesn't tell you how your clothes fit, nor how much energy you have.

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1/27/13 9:13 A

I am 5 lbs from my goal weigh and don't know why it is so hard to lose the last 5 lbs. I even gained a pound, because I went over my calorie count everyday for a week. My exercise level is still the same and I even try to push myself to work harder. I know I need to probably stay at the lower end of the calorie allowance. So anyone else struggling with this?

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