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7/8/13 8:18 P

Try the Activity Calculator at
It lists various speeds at 5, 10 and 15% inclines (under 'T' for Treadmill).

It is tempting to think of 5% as being only slightly higher than 0%. But the 5% actually means you are gaining 1 foot vertically for every 20 feet horizontally. Over 1 mile, this is over 250 vertical feet gained.


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7/8/13 5:44 P

Motivated@Last, I have been using the incline on the treadmill for that very purpose. I did not know specifically that a 5% incline increases calories burned by 50%. That's really good to know! Is there a chart or table you know of that has this kind of information? The last book I read on running was Galloway's book on running...which I can't seem to locate right now....

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7/8/13 12:08 P

High impact

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7/8/13 11:14 A

Using the incline on the treadmill can help get in a vigorous workout even at walking pace.

5% incline on the treadmill burns about 50% more calories than walking on the level.


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7/8/13 11:05 A

Motivated@Last - Much as I don't want to hear that I need to do that much walking before thinking about running again, that does seem like a better option than to *not* run. Thanks for the link for the 5K training plan. I will use it.

SusanFoster - You're right, it is too hot to run outside. I have been attempting to run on a treadmill at the gym, and they keep it nice and cool there. Plus they have fans. Love my gym!

KClark89 - You are right, of course. I guess I was hoping that all the other exercising I've been doing would make my body a little more prepared to actually run...but, no, that's not the case so far. You're right about the shoes, too - I need to go get me some new running shoes as I'm sure the ones I have are worn out. Thankfully there is a good runner's shoe store in my area. They fitted me last time.

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7/8/13 10:16 A

The C25K suggestion is definitely a good one. While the elliptical is putting your legs through a similar motion to running, your feet aren't lifting and striking repeatedly like when running. Also, before you get too into a running program, get fitted for a proper pair of running shoes to avoid injury.

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7/8/13 12:46 A

Did you just start running? Reason I ask is because if you are starting to run in the summer heat you might have that as part of the problem.

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7/7/13 11:16 P

The most challenging thing about (re)starting running is not the cardio fitness aspect, but rather the adaptation of your leg muscles and tendons to the stresses and impact of running.

I note that most of the current activities you list are low impact, so it is no surprise that your legs have lost some of their impact conditioning. It is generally recommended that you build up a solid base of walking (ie. 2-3 months) first before starting to run. The moderate impact of walking is good preparation for the legs.

When you do start transitioning to running, I would strongly recommend a Couch to 5K program.
Rather than running continuously, these programs work through progressively increasing intervals of running and walking - this not only gradually builds your fitness, but gives your legs time to adapt to the impact.


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7/7/13 11:01 P

I've been up off the sofa and working out for about six weeks now. Ultimate goal - aside from running, again - is to complete the Spartan next May. I have mostly been doing classes at the gym (BodyPump, CX Works, water aerobics) and the elliptical, but I've been wanting to get back to jogging again.

For some reason jogging, even slowly, is REALLY HARD now. Like, harder than I've ever experienced.

I can keep up in the BodyPump and water aerobic classes, and mostly keep up in the CX Works, and I can be on the elliptical for 30 minutes to an hour, no problem (I do keep having to increase the level on the elliptical to make it challenging).

So I don't understand why I seem to only get in 5 minutes of steady jogging before my body completely rebels on me: my legs hurt like they never ever did before, and I just can't catch my breath - and I'm only going 4.0. (I did stretch, too.)

Should I go even slower?? Is it that I'm carrying 40 lbs more than I did the last time I was a runner? Why does my cardio capacity seem so much less for jogging than for the other things I'm doing?

Any advice here is greatly appreciated.

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