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10/30/12 10:07 A

it's hard to get your motivation back because you lost your BIG WHY. I know so many posters on this site say do it for you. I don't necessarily agree. I have absolutely no problem not doing something or putting it off because it is just for me. But on the other hand, if i am doing it with someone else in mind such as my 8 month old Nephew, that's a whole different story. i want to be around to run and jump with him when he gets his legs. Right now he can crawl backwards real fast, but not walking just yet. I look at the picture of my 17 year old niece and think how nice it would be to hang out with her and do some fun stuff. my 20 year old Nephew-- would love to spend time with him and then my 8 year old niece (who has ADHD and ODD), would love to spend time with her without getting tired out.

I do my squats or surges, walk around the neighborhood, but when I think of spending time with them and how much more we could do if I was healthy, then i can easily squeak out one more rep or add another 250 steps. (Well, maybe not easily but at least i have more motivation to do it.)

So maybe think in terms of that and not just weightloss. just because you are at a healthy weight by no means you are healthy. Just because your waist circumference is at the optimal range does not mean you are healthy. So take all in consideration. If you can easily talk yourself into sitting on the couch because you are too tired or bored or what have you, then you don't want to be healthy as much as you thought.

Don't let "LIFE" get in the way. Without LIFE you can't work anyway. I saw a picture posted here and on FB-- would you rather spend 24 minutes exercising or 24 hours dead?

Really think about why you are on this journey. If it is to just lose weight, then you haven't thought hard enough. Anyone can just lose weight. But it takes a lot more to make yourself healthy and being healthy will take you a ton farther then just losing weight.

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10/30/12 9:30 A

I feel like I have been struggling for awhile now trying to get my motivation back =/ I was very motivated from January until mid April with restarting my journey, dropped 45 lbs and was beginning to feel GREAT about how things were going, and then that is when things changed. I started "filling" in for my old position at work, thinking it was going to be short term, well it wasn't, went on until August, when I was able to get the position back full time. But during those few months I let things slip, not just a little, but A LOT! I wasn't eating like I should, wasn't drinking my daily water intake, and I wasn't going to the gym. I made up EVERY excuse you could think of, and now I just can't seem to get back to where I was before all the chaos happened. Looking for some suggestions, encouragement, whatever anyone could give to maybe help get me back on the right track!

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