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Why is it so hard to drop old habits?

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10/16/09 1:40 A

I like your 1-2-3 formula, PuppetJoe.

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10/11/09 3:43 P

Well they say that it takes 30 consecutive days for your brain to get used to a new habit. Can you name one habit that you want to get rid of start a healthier habit to replace it and challenge yourself to do that new habit for thirty days?

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10/11/09 9:04 A

I agree .... it's not easy to change...

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10/8/09 11:18 A

True, very true.

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10/7/09 7:58 P

It's hard when you don't want to drop old habits. I think for most, there needs to be a motivator and that motivator is usually something semi-traumatic that makes you say "I'm going to do whatever it takes to make sure that never happens to me again". In finance, it could be a foreclosure, having to ask your parents for money or a bankruptcy. Until that point, you know credit card debt is bad, you know not saving for your retirement is dumb. Same thing with health habits. For me, it was realizing that what I was doing was causing measurable harm. I started having inexplicable things happening like an occasional chest pain or a ringing in the ears. My "fat" jeans started getting tight and finally enough things came together to where I said "I'm never going to be in this situation again". By the way, since I started in June, no more chest pains, or other weird things that someone who's 34 years old shouldn't have.

When the goal is set, the other things seem to fall into place. I want 2009 to be the year that I paid off my house and lost 50lbs. The house is paid for and 40lbs are gone. There's no way I'm going back into debt or back into fat jeans.

Posts: 15,787
10/7/09 10:59 A

What makes it hard is 'ourselves'. We put ourselves through the toughest of obsticles to the point where we know 'failure' is the only outcome.

Well, some folks do, maybe not you or I but there people out there who have a million excuses as to why they can't/won't lose weight. If they could only fight that hard TO lose weight, boy, that'd be something, eh?

Posts: 76
10/6/09 3:25 P

If only it were that simple. I appreciate your input- thanks

Posts: 15,787
10/6/09 9:38 A

A habit is culmination of three things:
1.) What to do
2.) How to do it
3.) Why to do it

Fixing old habits (bad or not) is a matter of formulating a new habit and focusing on that.
1.) What to do: Lose Weight
2.) How to do it: Read a lot about nutrition and exercise then implement it.
3.) Why to do it: You want to look and feel good.

You actually can insert whatever into that 1-2-3 thing.

Posts: 76
10/6/09 9:31 A

Why is so difficult to drop old habits like late night eating. We have the knowledge but emotions seem to take over?

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