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4/27/10 10:32 A

I buy the tubs of fage from costco, they are about a dollar cheaper than the regular grocery store. They are still expensive but I love greek yogurt with walnuts and fruit. I do that in the morning and I am full for hours!

KAY-AICH Posts: 428
4/27/10 9:25 A

You can make your own. Buy normal yogurt and sift it through cheesecloth into a bowl.

BUTSWEETER Posts: 1,255
4/27/10 9:22 A

I don't know why it's so expensive, but I wait till it's on sale and buy tons of it. They are 10 for $10 at the Fresh Grocer this week!

BREEZY85 Posts: 1,372
4/27/10 9:14 A

luv the fage w/ strawberry and honey. don't like the yoplait w/ strawberry was still tasteless.

BREEZE2356 Posts: 639
4/27/10 8:28 A

I can't find it in my grocery store been wanting to try it.


IRUNBIKE2BFIT Posts: 1,185
4/27/10 8:03 A

update, okay if I have my choice, the Dannon's Greek Yougurt is the better tasting, it's smoother, has a better taste (no watery stuff laying on the surface when you peel off the lid.) you don't have to mix or whip it up before you eat it. And Walmart carries it! The other day when I brought some, I did notice that at Walmart the Dannon Greek yougurt was only a $1 a serving container whereas Okino's was something in the range of $2.85? or more.

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IRUNBIKE2BFIT Posts: 1,185
4/24/10 8:17 P

Okay, I read the labels of various Greek yogurts, Found this very interesting!!!!! Although they are 0 in Fat, they are also higher in Calories and Sugar and to the sweeter flavor. If you remember about reading your labels...Just because they take out the Fat, they also add in the Sugar that adds to amount of Total Calories. So watch it.

I found that the taste is similar to a thick creamy consistancy of Cottage cheese?

NOTE: I also saw a Walmart: Okonos has a flavor for the Chocolate lovers it has a chocolate sauce on the bottom like their fruit flavors have. They come in a 6 pack but the containers very small about a 100 cal "snack" size.

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MANDIETERRIER1 Posts: 17,283
4/23/10 11:01 P

Shop around because I have found Greek Yogurt that is comparable in price to regular yogurt. Only at one store though

MISSYME2440 Posts: 78
4/23/10 11:00 P

i love greek yogurt, but my hubbie is not a fan. "too tangy", he said.
i make homemade greek yogurt now, and i culture his container less, so it is milder for him.
i have a full recipe and tips if you spark mail me.
in a pinch, i strain plain low fat or fat free yogurt for a few hours in the fridge.
we eat our with honey or sugar twinn, and often with fruit or "sprinkles" (wheat bran and germ or flax meal)


RENA1965 Posts: 17,878
4/23/10 9:55 P

Greek Yogurt 10% actually a lighter version of cream.. I use the 10% now and again and only as half my daily milk ration because it still has 10% fat...
Being so expensive, it doesn't come with fruit in denmark.. There are so many yogurts sadly that taste better than Greek yogurt- danish milk yogurt companies are super good to making yoghurt.. My favourites are Ylette and Ymer- they taste more creamy than greek yogurt without the calories..
I don't use yogurt with fruit because the fruit in these yogurts doesn't equal a portion of fruit- your guessing logging the fruit if you don't log it hidden calories..

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4/23/10 6:49 P

The Meijer I go to has Chobani brand greek yogurt, which I'm a big fan of. I buy the 16 oz tub of vanilla and portion it out into 2/3 cups into Ziploc containers. I pack my lunch the night before and place 1/2 cup frozen strawberries on top to defrost. It's the perfect sweetener and a dose of fruit all in one!

JACKIEB825 Posts: 82
4/23/10 6:08 P

We buy Chobani yogurt by the case at Costco - it works out to just under $1 each and I think it's the best tasting brand out there. When I first tried greek yogurt I tried about 5 different brands and once I had Chobani, I haven't looked back :)

As a huge bonus, IMHO, it's nonfat and all natural - no artificial sweeteners. The protein in it makes it a great after work-out snack too!

IRUNBIKE2BFIT Posts: 1,185
4/23/10 7:59 A

One thing to note that the Okinos brands do have about 120 calories per serving. So if you combining it with other foods, watch those serving amouts too, you may want to tweek the amounts:

Case in point: I did buy some of those Okinos single serve contaniers 120 cal's each. I combine that with 1/4 or less serving of Kelloggs low cal granola and a 1/4 or less serving of Kelloggs bran buds. and 1 serving contanier of Dole Fruit /w slenda (juice drained off) I put it on the Food tracker and came out with 344 calories for my Breakfast. Still a bit much for when I used regular Dannon or Yoplait yogurts which totaled under 300 cals. It comes out in how ever you want to balance your food scale for each meal according to your overall daily Calories.

Sure if you going for more Protien, but also watch how much fat is in each brand? I hadn't had a chance to compare yet? Because I just brough a few 1 serving containers just to try the taste test.

Just go easy on how much you eat of this stuff...It may be good but over the long term, if you can't loose the weight better go back and start reading the labels very carefully and limit your craving for this yogurt or what ever else you may be eating too.

BREEZE2356 Posts: 639
4/22/10 9:13 A

I have heard so much about greek yogurt I have been looking for it at the grocery store to try it but I can't find it.


NIKKIG3 Posts: 1,663
4/22/10 8:35 A

I tried greek yougurt (cobani- I think that is how it is spelled) it was delicious!!

It kept me fuller longer and I love the extra creamy texture. I hate that it is so expensive but I'm hooked. Hopefully with popularity the price will go down.

IRUNBIKE2BFIT Posts: 1,185
4/22/10 8:01 A

I read somewhere that if you want "True" yogurt, Yes it IS MADE from Goats milk. And in other countries it's often made with Sheep, Yak, Horses, etc, you name it where ever you come from in the world they all have their different annimal sources available to them.

Or atleast that is what it was made from years ago.

Before it became Commercialzed and made with Cow's milk (because they thought that 99% of people here in the USA wouldn't buy it or eat it, f didn't come from America's Farmland Cows) You know how we often will turn our nose up Yeeeewwwww, Goats milk or whatever?

But basically, I have been buying the Yoplait Activia and I put it with my Cereals, instead of pouring Milk on it (I'm lactose intollarant) Sometimes it's nice that it has some Fruit in it, but other wise I buy those little 4 packs of fruit containers and add it in with my cereal and Yogurt as my Breakfast.

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RYOKOSITH Posts: 161
4/21/10 11:51 P

While I'm not much of a fan of eating yogurt by itself in general, I do love using Greek yogurt as a mayo/sour cream substitute. I've used it in tacos and taco salads as well as a topping mixed with yellow mustard and herbs when baking fish.

I'll have to try using it for creamy noodle sauces and as a binder for tuna sandwiches.

SCARLETB628 SparkPoints: (0)
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4/21/10 11:33 P

It's not made with goats milk it's just strained more and conatins less water than reg low fat non fat yogurt .To add taste I like the nonfat plain chobani with 1 tsp honey and some vanilla extract yummy!

KELLILVN SparkPoints: (0)
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4/21/10 5:16 P

Not sure where you live but my local Krogers has the Yoplait greek yogurt on sale this week for $1 and with the coupons they have out for it you can get them for 10 cents a container (if your local Krogers doubles/triples coupons). emoticon

IRUNBIKE2BFIT Posts: 1,185
4/21/10 4:06 P

Thanks for all your replies. Unfortunatly there is no Trader Joe's where I live.Only grocery stores are Kroger, Jewel, Walmart, and Meijer. They have those brands mentioned. though I would have to have some flavoring like Chocolate, carmel, or Fruit added to mine. Maybe the reason it's tastes strange like it's spoiled is because it's made from Goat's milk because it can have a very different taste initially, which was my first thought? I may try it when they are on sale or with a coupon.

MRPLATSON Posts: 336
4/21/10 3:24 P

Heeper, I guess that makes a lot of sense then, Greek yogurt is twice as expensive because it literally takes twice the ingredients.

HARLEYROB Posts: 896
4/21/10 3:13 P

The regular hasn't much taste...put some walnuts in it and just a sprikle of sweet-n-low...The flavored ones have way 2 much sugar...

HMP1975 Posts: 214
4/21/10 3:09 P

I don't care for it as regular yogurt. But, I use it instead of mayo in tuna and often mix it in with pasta and veggies to make a "cream" sauce.

HEEPER Posts: 1,000
4/21/10 1:33 P

And I bet you guys didn't know you can amke your own greek yogurt - all it is is strained "regular" yogurt - here's a link with a how to:

SLEEPYDEAN Posts: 1,947
4/21/10 1:26 P

Bob was touting the benefits of it last night on the Biggest Loser. I had tried it in the past, but didn't care for it. Last week I tried the Yoplait Honey Vanilla one, and I enjoyed it. They are only .99 cents, and there have been coupons in the paper for them over the past few weeks.

SOCKS117 Posts: 52
4/21/10 1:14 P

I like the Oikos brand - at my Walmart they are 4 for $4.00 ($1.00 each for 113 g - or 1.13 cents per gram).

Yoplait for example is $.60 for 170g or 2.8 cents per gram)

The price, for me, is doable, because it is just over twice as much for a single serving with much more filling power, and no artificial ingredients. I still buy "normal" yogurt too, but I keep Greek yogurt as a snack/ treat.

Note: Yoplait's brand of Greek Yogurt is gross. I don't know what's wrong with it, but I had to use it in a smoothie since it was incredibly thick and bitter - yuck! Oikos is not that thick, nor is it anywhere near as bitter, especially if you stir in the fruit, honey, or chocolate that is on the bottom first.

KISSFAN1 Posts: 6,257
4/21/10 12:31 P

I LOVE real Greek yogurt, not those new Yoplait ones. I get mine from Trader Joe's and I buy the large container of 0% fat plain Greek yogurt. It is I believe $3 for a large container and I usually buy 3 or more when I'm there since it is about 45 minutes one way from me.

I have it every day and eat it as my dessert (maybe I'm weird? LOL). I do have to add a tiny bit of sweetener to mine and I usually add extras such as nuts or fruit, but sometimes I just eat it plain if I don't have enough calories left.

It's really my favorite dessert and I'd rather have it than cake, pie, or cookies.

I think the main reason it is more expensive is because regular yogurt has a lot more "liquid" in it and with Greek yogurt, you're getting more yogurt instead.

4/21/10 12:29 P

It's just totally different from other yogurts. Once I ate greek yogurt I didn't like the texture of regular yogurt. You can sweeten it or add fruit, it's great in a smoothie and makes great sour cream.

It's becoming much more common and the price is dropping quite a bit. Dannon has one out now and it's about $1. Trader Joe has a store brand. I like Okios or Fage best personally. I get it in the larger size container which makes it cheaper per serving.

MARINASHU SparkPoints: (24,138)
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4/21/10 12:25 P

It is made differently, that's why it's thicker and has more protein. Honestly, though, I buy it because I like it better than regular yogurt. I do like the nonfat Trader Joe's brand better than Fage or Oikos, and it's also a little cheaper there. But honestly if I didn't like the taste or texture, I wouldn't buy it. It's not a miracle food. If the extra cents aren't worth it to you personally, don't buy it.

KALEXIAS Posts: 187
4/21/10 12:17 P

I love adding cubed watermelon to my Greek yogurt! The taste and texture contrast is AMAZING!

KALEXIAS Posts: 187
4/21/10 12:16 P

I love adding cubed watermelon to my Greek yogurt! The taste and texture contrast is AMAZING!

EARTHTONED84 SparkPoints: (12,841)
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4/21/10 12:14 P

You can add things like honey, berries, peanut butter,almond butter or a sweetener to help with the taste. If you do not add anything to it, it can be used as a substitute for sour cream or as a substitute for mayonnaise.

I had a bad first experience as well. I was out of town and I wanted yogurt so I tried the Greek kind and when I got back to my hotel I ate it. I got the flavor free kind and I thought the thing had gone bad! I tossed it out :( Since then I have familiarized myself with the ways of Greek yogurt and incorporate it into my eating habits on a regular basis :) emoticon

KRAE_98 Posts: 106
4/21/10 12:07 P

You know, I have also heard how Greek yogurt is the new "golden food;" however, I have tried it. Now perhaps it was the brand I tried but to me it tasted like what wet chalk might taste like, plus the consistency was a bit too much for me. It was much thicker than regular yogurt. I threw it out because I found it that disgusting.

Just my two cents, but if you ask me, you aren't missing anything.

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EARTHTONED84 SparkPoints: (12,841)
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4/21/10 9:20 A

I love Fage...I mean, I looove it. It is sad that it's so expensive. I buy the 16 oz (I think that's how many ounces)...the bigger tub instead of the individual small ones or the packs of six. I eat it all the time so I opt for saving just a little bit by getting the big one. Thanks for the coupon link! I will DEFINITELY take advantage of that!

HEEPER Posts: 1,000
4/21/10 9:03 A

You can also use coupons to make it more affordable! Here's one for $.50 off Fage Greek Yogurt.

NIRERIN Posts: 14,210
4/21/10 8:41 A

reasons things cost more :
1. generally a single of greek yogurt is a few ounces more than a yogurt that comes in a 6 pack.
2. marketing: "greek yogurt is good for you" so people will pay more for it.
3. volume. more regular yogurt goes through the grocery store. so they buy it more in bulk and the manufacturers make it more in bulk, so the cost of making it is divided up among more containers, which means a lower cost per container.
4. spoilage. gy is still relatively new and many stores seem to base their pricing on only selling part of the case. ie the store will bring in a new product for the shelves if requested, but will divide the cost among 6 of a case of 12. if they start selling all of it out all the time, they'll keep it and lower the price some
5. i think greek yogurt requires more base materials [because it's thicker] so that cost is a little higher too.

IRUNBIKE2BFIT Posts: 1,185
4/21/10 8:30 A

I have been hearing alot about Greek Yogurt, because it has alot more protein. But when I went to the store, I found it to be way too expensive! Like I can get a 4 or 6 pack of the regular brands of yogurt for the same price that I have to spend for 1 single/individual serving container of the Greek yogurt. What's the difference why does it have more Protein whats so special about it? Is the pricing more because it's make differently or is it just a "Brand" named Greek Yougurt that makes the cost more?

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