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7/8/14 2:14 P

Ambrosia are my favourite.

Apples are best in the fall, so while I do eat them all year round, I focus on other fruits in the spring/summer. We just got our first cherries from BC, and the Washington cherries have been in stores for a few weeks.

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7/8/14 1:18 P

It's just my opinion, but I think that the quality of the produce available in stores has decreased quite a bit in the past several years. Most of it is grown to look good and ship well, but taste does not seem to be a big factor these days. I really dislike that waxy coating that they put on the apples to make them look good. My husband buys and eats apples from the store, but I don't like them. I have three apple trees and I wait for the apples to be ripe on them, I eat different fruits the rest of the year (depending on what's in season).

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7/8/14 1:09 P

I love Fuji apples and Granny Smith apples -- other than that, they do not appeal to me at all. I DO eat the peel. emoticon

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7/8/14 12:31 P

Try organic apples; they are much better tasting (in my opinion) than conventional apples - same goes for strawberries - organic are much sweeter. Time of year matters too - fall apples are best.

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7/8/14 12:12 P

It depends on the variety and time of the year. Nothing better than a honey crisp apple from a local grower in the fall!!

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7/8/14 11:52 A

It could be just bad luck, or wrong time of year like others said. However, if you've been reducing your intake of sodium and sugary foods, and increasing intake of whole foods, that may be the reason. When you improve your diet, often times your tastebuds repair and you can differentiate between low and high quality produce a lot better. I'd recommend just purchasing elsewhere.

7/8/14 11:47 A

No bad apples here! I love pink lady, lunchbox red delicious, Arkansas black, granny smith - I just make sure the skin is beautiful and we have good luck.

I buy from a market that just has seasonal items in the produce area. I buy what ever variety is ready.

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7/8/14 11:19 A

If you are only going to be buying apples from local organic sources, you can dry the slices or freeze them for other times of the year.

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7/8/14 11:01 A

Just read an article that said, most apples in the USA are picked before they are really ripe, then treated with 1-methylcyclopropene also known as 1-MCP, then waxed, then sprayed with a fungicide and stored for 9 to 12 months.

They said it's best to buy your apples in season from local orchards. Now I need to find a local orchard.

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7/8/14 10:51 A

I notice a lot more variety of apples at the supermarket these days. Are you looking at the same type of apple over time? Time of year counts too.

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7/8/14 10:44 A

For several years I have found that apples are smaller and and do not taste as good as they use to.

Is something happening to our apples?

If anyone has any information about this, please share. Thank you.

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