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SSA1234 SparkPoints: (0)
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11/6/11 8:08 A

I have the same question about how to add the weight tracker graphic - did you figure it out??

DAWNFIREFEQ SparkPoints: (0)
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9/30/11 5:29 P

How do you get those great weight tracking graphics on the bottom of your posts BBONET? I can't figure it out.

BBONET Posts: 6,608
9/2/11 4:44 P

emoticon Now you are back on track!! Good Luck

9/1/11 10:01 P

Thanks! This is exactly what I needed to know. Seems the choice should be more obvious for newbies, though. Is it possible to add a metric/imperial checkbox on the sparkpage where we create the weight tracker?


SPARK_COACH_JEN Posts: 65,544
3/8/11 9:20 A

Did you find that page when you clicked on Account Preferences?

Coach Jen

JGORDGE SparkPoints: (27,683)
Fitness Minutes: (29,146)
Posts: 1,139
3/8/11 9:15 A

Thanks for responding but I think I must be losing it! I just cannot find a button to check/uncheck to change to pounds from kgs on my ticker. Can you help further?

SPARK_COACH_JEN Posts: 65,544
3/8/11 7:14 A

Click on Account Preferences at the top left of your Start page, and uncheck the "Use Metric" box. That should fix the problem.

Coach Jen

JGORDGE SparkPoints: (27,683)
Fitness Minutes: (29,146)
Posts: 1,139
3/8/11 3:28 A

I have input my weight in pounds and set my weight loss goal in pounds but my tracker shows kgs. Can this be changed?

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