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5/15/12 10:36 A

great info

MOM2JG Posts: 132
5/15/12 10:33 A

That is why they suggest getting weighed just once a week. Certain foods will make you weigh heavy such as red meats, pasta, high sodium food, beans, etc. It is just temporary, but it will drive you nuts trying to figure it out. Hide your scale and only get it out once a week.

OSLATI Posts: 7
5/15/12 9:50 A

Thanks for the replies. I started weighing myself everyday because the Spark People mobile app wouldn't let me enter my food without having a daily weight on file. They have since updated the app, so maybe I will see if they let you update your weight only once a week.

Thanks for all the quick answers!

ANARIE Posts: 13,179
5/15/12 2:12 A

As Dragonchilde said, the food and water doesn't vanish. If you want to see how it works, fill a big paper cup with 16 oz of water. Take it into the bathroom and set it on the counter while you weigh yourself. Pick it up, and weigh yourself again. You will "gain" a pound. Put it down, and you "lose" the pound. Drink it, and you gain it back. You haven't really gained any weight. You're just carrying it around inside you, instead of in the cup.

The same thing happens with everything you eat or drink. Most of it never turns into fat and becomes part of you, but you do carry it all around for a while. That's why it's best not to weigh at different times of day. Choose a time when you're most likely to be empty (for me it's Sunday morning after a walk but before my morning coffee), and weigh at that time every week (or every four weeks-- you're going to find that your weight goes up and down each month, too.)

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5/14/12 10:44 P

Because the food you eat and the water you drink don't vanish. :) You gain weight throughout the day for the same reason your heart rate does, or your blood pressure. Weight is not a static number, it shifts as the fluids in our body do. If you eat 6 oz of steak, you will "gain" 6 ozs of weight! That doesn't mean you're gaining fat.

This is perfectly normal, and not something to be concerned about. That's one reason it's not very helpful to weigh more than once per week. Some people do weigh daily, but that doesn't give you a good picture of fat gain or loss. Fat is gained or lost over a period of days and weeks... not hours and minutes.

OSLATI Posts: 7
5/14/12 10:12 P

Thanks for the reply. I've thought about that, but unless I cut salt out then I'll never know. I'm eating healthier, but not ready to cut out salt!

ITSGOT-TOGO Posts: 2,425
5/14/12 9:55 P

Maybe you are sensitive to sodium and the increase in weight is fluid?


OSLATI Posts: 7
5/14/12 7:18 P


I don't understand why my weight goes back and forth up to 2 pounds a day. I eat within the calorie range eery day, I have the exact same amount of liquids every day, etc. I'm confused.

Totally confused. I'm eating healthier than I ever have in my life, and staying in the calorie ranges. I am thin- really just taking off the 3 or 4 pounds that have crept on due to years of eating Hagen Daaz every night :~) But still frustrating to understand.


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