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NAUSIKAA Posts: 4,848
2/11/13 4:41 A

I like chocolate too. My solution is to eat it in small quantities almost every day, by including it in the oat bars I eat for breakfast. It's usually 10 grams per bar (depending on what flavor I made that week) and because chocolate has such a strong flavor, and the entire bar is 75 grams, it actually feels like I'm eating 75g of chocolate even though it's only 10g! For example my breakfast today was a homemade Caramel Dark Chocolate Mocha bar. 245 calories for breakfast, including 10g of dark chocolate, but also including lots of protein from the whey protein powder and the Greek yogurt I put in the bars, plus fiber from the oat bran, etc. And I feel like I got to eat a chocolate bar for breakfast, but without the sugar crash and the stomach ache.

So if you can find something else to mix a small amount of chocolate into, you can get away with eating a lot less and you won't crave it because you can eat it daily if you feel like it.

I used to mix unsweetened cocoa powder into Greek yogurt sweetened with zero calorie sweetener, for chocolate yogurt. It was like chocolate pudding. Very low calorie, plenty of protein, and plenty of chocolate flavor.

Chocolate flavored whey protein powder is another option you should try.

The point of all of these is that they combine the chocolate flavor you want with protein which keeps you full, helps you hit your daily goals, and doesn't give you a sugar crash.

HOUNDLOVER1 Posts: 8,869
2/11/13 2:03 A

I used to think that chocolate was addictive for me. But it was the sugar. The most addictive foods are usually sugar and wheat. If you stay away from those and only have very dark 85% cocoa chocolate you may find that it is not addictive. Overall lowering my carbs to under 50 grams/day eliminated all my food cravings within one week, including the one for chocolate and cookies. I still have cookies made with nut flours, Xylitol as sweeteners, eggs and butter or coconutoil and I have no trouble eating those in moderation, same with brownies made without sugar and grains. Just give it a try. emoticon


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2/10/13 9:23 P

I found something at the store this afternoon -- KIND bars with dark chocolate and cherries. Yum.

Past that, I have this to offer (I love chocolate too):

Oh no no!
Off the charts with calories!

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2/10/13 9:09 P

Wow. Really like the pre-portioning thing. I'll definitely have to try that next time I have cookies in the house :)

MANDIETERRIER1 Posts: 16,806
2/10/13 6:19 P

I agree with Dragonchilde.

When you portion it out put the portions up in the cabinet so that your really have to work to get to it.

Then when you want more than you are supposed to have. Ask yourself, will eating an extra portion help me in my goals? If you do eat it then track it.

DIANITAH SparkPoints: (70,274)
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2/10/13 5:51 P

I can't keep it in my house. I am a chocoholic. If I'm going to eat sweets, I do it out in public. It's much easier to stay in control.

DRAGONCHILDE SparkPoints: (60,906)
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2/10/13 5:39 P

Portion control, and planning.

I don't care for sweets as a general rule, so I don't have that problem. However, on my triggery foods, I plan ahead. I love pasta, and will eat triple helpings if I'm allowed; so to avoid that, I pre-measure the serving, and only cook one! (If it's for the family, I premeasure four. That way, if someone else gets more than their share, I end up eating less anyway and double up on salad.)

With my chocolate, I keep a large bar in my desk, and I know I can have up to two squares a day. It's dark chocolate, so it's practically health food.

If you have a treat you enjoy and have a hard time controlling your intake on it, pre-portion it. With your cookies, measure out a serving, and place them in snack bags. Write the calories ON the bag, so you see what you're eating. Track them ahead of time in your nutrition tracker, so you have a planned snack.

When it's time, grab ONE bag, and close that cabinet/drawer/whatever.

It may be that it is a trigger food for you, and you can't have it often. But remembering not to deny yourself is a big step!

2/10/13 4:51 P

I love sweets. I love candy, anything chocolate and cookies (especially Publix cookies). Why do the things that are so bad for us taste so good? It's not fair. I could easily go through a 24 count of Publix sugar or chocolate chip cookies in 24 hours. They're so addicting and so tasty. Self control is probably my biggest issue when it comes to sweets.

How do you practice self-control when it comes to your favorite foods?

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