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3/17/14 11:18 P

It is easier to do the "wrong" things, isn't it?

Clean a bunch of carrots for a snack or grab a bag of chips?
Pizza for lunch or a bowl of healthy home made soup?
Birthday cake at work or a non fat yogurt?

I guess this is why we all have a hard time sticking with things that we know are good for us.
There are days when I just feel tired. I din'[t want to exercise or plan a healthy meal. I just want to eat and chill.

And I know that if I'm not careful eating and chilling will be the routine so as some one said "Eternal Vigilance!"

FITMOM69 SparkPoints: (2,096)
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3/17/14 10:35 P

I never liked exercise no matter how much of it I did over months, I tired of being accountable of the foods I ate. Which led to reckless eating and regaining of 60 lbs I had lost, which brings me back to the beginning for the last time. emoticon emoticon emoticon

FITMOM69 SparkPoints: (2,096)
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Posts: 107
3/17/14 10:33 P

I never liked exercise no matter how much of it I did over months, I tired of being accountable of the foods I ate. Which led to reckless eating and regaining of 60 lbs I had lost, which brings me back to the beginning for the last time. emoticon emoticon emoticon

LULUBELLE65 SparkPoints: (37,106)
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3/17/14 4:49 A


If I do not track, I stop losing. If I do not exercise, I stop losing. Unfortunately, it is very easy to take a day or two off from tracking and then that day turns into a week, or longer. If I track every day and have one bad day, I can correct it the next day and those extra calories don't really matter in the long run; by the end of the week I have balanced that binge with several days of lower calorie eating. If I do not track, however, I can easily end up having 4-5 days in a row where I am over my calorie range. And then the number on the scale goes up.

A drive-thru meal, an extra slice of pizza, a Coke instead of iced tea...none of these are deal breakers, if you've planned for them, but if you haven't, they'll destroy any success you've had. A Big Mac, large fries and a large Coke will set you back about 1,300 calories at McDonalds. That's my suggested calorie allotment for the day! If I have that meal for lunch, instead of my normal 400-500 calorie lunch,I've added almost 1000 calories to my day. And it doesn't have to be McDonald's; it can be a fancy lunch at a nice restaurant, or a "healthy" lunch at a place like Panera. Calories are calories. Do that just once a week, and that's a pound a month worth of extra calories.

Now consider that since I have stopped tracking and am not being as conscious of my choices, I will probably make other bad decisions besides my McDonald's meal. A movie date sharing a tub of popcorn will set you back 400-600 calories, (that's for half the large tub, not the whole thing) plus whatever you have to drink and any junior mints or gummy bears you buy. Let's say you just have the popcorn, and we'll average and call it 500 calories. One movie date a month is 6000 extra calories a year, or almost two pounds. How about birthdays and other events at work? A slice of birthday cake from a mix with icing averages about 300 calories. One birthday or special event a month? That's another pound a year.

So between our one fast food meal, our movies nights, and birthday cake at work, we've gained about 15 pounds. Now add to that the fact that the average Brit gains 5 pounds at Christmas (I assume similar is true for Americans) That's 20 pounds a year of weight gain, just from a few thoughtless choices, assuming that the rest of the time you're eating at your maintenance level of calories.

Obviously, we cannot go through life never having a treat, or giving into temptation, with without thinking consciously about what we are eating, it is very very very easy for those calories to add up. If I've tracked my McDonald's meal, I can eat 200 less calories a day for 5 days and the extra calories from the meal are accounted for. If I want popcorn at the movies, I can either save calories from breakfast and lunch, or eat a smaller size, or both. I can choose to eat the birthday cake, or not. I can remind myself that really Christmas is one day, and that even if I have big splurges on Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and New Years, that's just three days, not an entire month of indulgences. I don't need to have the store-bought cookies, and other mediocre "treats" that people bring in to work. I'd rather save my splurge for my mother's special cookies.

It's so easy to forget how little it takes to start the bad choice ball rolling. I see people on Spark say that they can hardly wait until they can stop tracking, but I feel like I will be tracking my whole life. I know myself and I know that I need to be accountable to successful.

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LRHODES8 Posts: 164
3/17/14 2:09 A

I think you are's the same with me...a little slip here and there and my whole attitude starts to I'm trying to do the opposite and make changes here and there in a positive way so that my body and mind realizes I'm in this for the long haul. Thanks for sharing.

JOY73YL Posts: 1,405
3/17/14 12:04 A

I'll stop when I get to a healthier weight

JUDYAMK SparkPoints: (30,793)
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3/17/14 12:01 A

I stopped when I was able to get into my pencil skirts. I let myself go all to my head and said to myself look at me look at me ,do I not look good!!! Then I went down hill from there, now I am working to get out of the over sized pants, cannot even get into my skirts, but I will,I KNOW I WILL ( it was all me I got all heady )
Take care

3/11/14 10:48 A

Because habits are hard to break! It takes 3 weeks to establish a new pattern, so I've heard. Sometimes you have to white-knuckle it for a while. But you will get used to it

STORMIE62 SparkPoints: (59,752)
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3/11/14 10:36 A

The question was asked..."For those of us who have been successful and then revert to our old ways and lose sight of all we've accomplished, why DO we stop?"

The reason you stop was it was a diet... diets are temporary.

Creating a healthy lifestyle with good habits is more successful in the weight issues of life.

CYFREE15 Posts: 248
3/11/14 10:10 A

It always starts slowly for me. A cookie here, a fast food meal there. And when I keep losing, more and more unhealthy foods creep in. Then the weight loss slows down and I get frustrated and stop exercising. Then the regaining starts. Then I throw in the towel and stay home from the gym and eat everything in sight for a few months until I'm back where I started. Then I start over. I am really working to change the pattern this time around.

LADYCJM SparkPoints: (57,456)
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3/11/14 12:19 A

For me, it's all about procrastination. I've lost 100#s. I can skip the workout today and do it tomorrow.
I can buy and prep those veggies ...tomorrow. Pizza is good for tonight. After all, I've lost 100#s.
Figure out todays calories? Track it all? I can do that tomorrow.....
Same time that I finish that tablecloth I started embroidering 25 years ago....yep tomorrows good for me.....

03191952 SparkPoints: (15,294)
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3/10/14 6:43 P

I think sometimes I get bored

ETHELMERZ Posts: 19,724
3/10/14 4:06 P

You are mostly right, I'm not letting a bad 2 years derail me, at least for awhile..............;)

SUNSET09 SparkPoints: (535,347)
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3/9/14 11:32 P

It's a lifestyle change and some of us are so comfortable being the way we are, we're afraid to face the things that we hide behind! We make excuses as there's more to it than food. Sometimes, we let "life" get in our way! It's work to monitor your food intake, prepare meals, count calories and exercise! If it's important to us, and it is a choice, emoticon ! emoticon

SPARKY_DAN Posts: 65
3/9/14 10:49 P

Success is trying one more time than we fail. Don't focus on why you stopped, focus on all you have to gain by getting back in there and fighting the good fight! Jump back in. Know there will be ups and downs. Don't let a bad day, week, or month derail you.

JANIEWWJD SparkPoints: (565,447)
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3/9/14 10:49 P

Online Now  • ))
We all need to see ourselves as winners!!!! We CAN be successful and stay successful!!!!

ETHELMERZ Posts: 19,724
3/9/14 10:33 P

Yes, it's all of these things, and yet, many of us will falter, and dust ourselves off and begin again, maybe we are gluttons for punishment or something..............but, that is the way it has been for many, many years, there would not be a business based on this issue if it was just do this, do that, and it's done for good.

TACDGB Posts: 6,136
3/9/14 10:25 P

I believe its' all about what we tell ourselves. For me I told myself and learned that it's a life style change and not a diet. Once I kept that thought alive in my head I do things differently. I also do know that for me I never want to go back to being fat and miserable. I was so unhappy in that place. It's a part of my life I don't want to relive so I am doing everything I can to not go back there. Once I realized that it's my body God gave me and I get to design what it looks like that helped too.

KDSTAP Posts: 664
3/9/14 10:24 P

Because I tell myself that I've done so well, that I've created some "cushion". Room for a little slacking off because of vacation/exhaustion/holidays, etc. And that LITTLE slacking turns into big slacking.

JREIDY SparkPoints: (52,511)
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Posts: 284
3/9/14 10:20 P

Because we're dead.

UMBILICAL Posts: 12,786
3/9/14 8:12 P


TRYINGHARD54 Posts: 5,292
3/9/14 6:12 P

If I knew the answer I'd probably never stop lol

ETHELMERZ Posts: 19,724
3/9/14 5:37 P

Well, that's the thing of it, no one "plans" on stopping............
Let's just Press On, friends.

3/9/14 5:14 P

I don't plan on stopping this time. I am not working out like I used to but I am slowly losing weight and gaining more strength and mobility. Right now that is good enough for me.

3/9/14 4:54 P

It's harder for me to lose weight since I'm getting older (I'm 47) and have osteoporosis and pancytopenia (a kind of anemia). Used to run 6 miles most days but now can do only a few miles a week because I get pain in my hip and my knees, and don't have the stamina I had in my youth. But I walk a lot and lift weights.

ETHELMERZ Posts: 19,724
3/9/14 4:05 P

After all these years, since age 12 1/2, I've been off and on different eating plans, with dietitian's, or following books, etc., they work the best when I have some kind of "event" or trip planned or something along that line, but I go back to old ways after it's over with. We know the rules, but it gets boring to follow them, day in and day out. It's never a matter of, "gee, I didn't know the calorie count on that meal in the restaurant was so high", that kind of thing, doesn't change a thing. We get a "good" feeling from eating foods that are not so good for us, I never want to eat a whole bowl of green beans, for example, nor dream of baked chicken breast, lol. Yet, I have helped other people lose weight, written out menu plans for them, in fact. I used to carry pieces of cauliflower in my purse, for snacks! That was back when I was obsessed with losing weight. That doesn't happen often, though. I can also become an exercise fiend, but, that was when I was younger. Some corporation out there is looking for some kind of "pill" to sell us, that will work, without giving us the runs, etc., but they haven't found it yet.........but that would make them billions of dollars, if they found it.

ARCHIMEDESII SparkPoints: (197,155)
Fitness Minutes: (294,373)
Posts: 27,077
3/9/14 4:04 P

There really is no easy answer to that question.

There were lots of different reasons why I lost the weight, then ended up regaining it. Like others, I had stressful periods in my life that caused me to eat emotionally. There was the time when I thought that as long as I exercised, I could eat whatever I wanted. That was true as long as I kept exercising. But, when I became injured, the weight crept back on because I wasn't paying attention to what I ate.

And like many people, when you are depressed and stuck in a rut because of your weight, you don't want to do anything even though you know that something needs to be done.

One more reason that hasn't been mentioned. When someone loses weight, they assume that now they are thin, they can eat whatever they want. There is an assumption that thin people can eat anything and not gain weight. That is a big misconception. If we want to lose the weight and keep it off, we have to be mindful of what we eat or the weight will creep back on.

That's the real crux of the matter. People don't realize that it's nutrition (and portion control) that helps a person take the weight off and keep it off. We can't stop eating right. The minute we allow the less than healthy habits to creep back in is when our weight creeps back up.

No one should be on a permanent diet. And yet, that's what a lot of people are right now. they are on a life long diet because they haven't learned that this has to be a life style change. Changing our habits isn't easy. People want instantaneous results. When they don't get immediate results ? They get frustrated. They wonder what they are doing wrong and then decide after a few weeks of no change, why bother and give up.

People have to understand that the weight isn't coming off overnight. They have to understand they losing weight and staying healthy isn't easy. There really is no easy way to lose. It really does take hard work. which, I hate to say, many people don't want to do. They want a magic pill that does the work for them.

3/9/14 3:51 P

I just started working again. I was in the hospital for almost three months after relapsing on alcohol. I also suffer from depression and borderline personality disorder. My job is good but it's boring, working at a group home on the weekends only and not much goes on. It stresses me out because I like to stay busy. Sometimes I end up bingeing or drinking alcohol after getting home, that is NOT a good thing.

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SLLYONS51 Posts: 3,169
3/9/14 3:23 P

I have stopped in the past and let emotional eating/binge eating take over again and again. I always think this will be the last time I will have to loose this same 50 lbs and then it creeps back up. Laziness sets in. I hope this time I have learned and will keep the tools I need with me.

FLORADITA SparkPoints: (64,020)
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Posts: 541
3/9/14 3:13 P

This is my biggest fear and so I suspect I will have to keep tracking my food intake and exercise long after I reach my goal. I have always eaten healthy foods but when I am under stress or duress I tend to withdraw, stop exercising and eat comfort foods. I will still make healthy meals but I will overeat and add chips, cake and cookies into my eating. It scares me that I can feel so out of control. I feel I am able to stay on track right now but I do worry that if I find my self getting stressed I will give up with complete abandon and revert back to the old habits of finding solace in food. Even on days when I don't feel like doing it I force myself to track and check in on Spark and it does helps me.

ONLINEASLLOU SparkPoints: (73,365)
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Posts: 4,787
3/9/14 3:06 P

For me, it is stress. It takes effort and energy for me to maintain a healthy lifestyle. When I am stressed out and/or really tired, I start slipping into bad habits again.

SHERYLDS Posts: 17,365
3/9/14 2:56 P

I keep trying but the inner child in me has lapses when I want all I can have of things I really should not eat. Mind you that doesn't happen with veggies. The problem is usually not allowing my brain to register that I've had ENOUGH and letting the mental cravings take over. But I eventually get back on track. I am more afraid about going back to where I was than how hard it is to keep struggling. Plenty of normal weight people I know have to watch the scale...they just don't have the same food issues so they are better at controlling their cravings.

ETHELMERZ Posts: 19,724
3/9/14 2:06 P

Yes, I'm working at it again, age 67.

PFARRAR65 SparkPoints: (37,141)
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Posts: 1,156
3/9/14 2:03 P

One of the reasons I find myself quitting is frustration. When weight doesn't come off I become frustrated and think "Oh, why do I even try?" so I quit. But right now I am thinking I can do it this time.

ETHELMERZ Posts: 19,724
3/9/14 1:52 P

This is the reason the weight loss industry is a billion dollar industry! I've lost loads of weight, at least 6 times in my life, each time, feeling great, thinking that, "Aha", I've found the secret, only to have that same old urge to eat foods that revert me back to the "real" me, I suppose. For people like us, we "get" something from food, that we don't "get" from lovers, kids, career, pets, etc., some kind of "life satisfaction and comfort", no human can give this feeling to us, or religion, whatever. We "know" what to eat, and to exercise, etc., but we reach a point where it doesn't satisfy us, so we go back to whatever it was that made us comfortable again. We can try this diet and that diet, whine about gluten or organic, or blah blah blah, it still doesn't satisfy us the same way as food. It will always be an age old question, I'm sure. Even people who had weigh loss surgery have reverted, or adopt a new addiction.

QUEEN-EYDIE Posts: 12,473
3/9/14 11:32 A

Self sabotage? That's the eternal question, isn't it? There was a time when I had so many false starts, over and over agin, and then it just all came together and I look back at my old way of life and cannot imagine going back. It's been said a million times but it's all about lifestyle change. Change is possible. Sometimes it takes a while, but it does happen!

3/9/14 10:56 A

For those of us who have been successful and then revert to our old ways and lose sight of all we've accomplished, why DO we stop? I'm still trying to figure out how to make this my life, year round. I know what I must do to achieve my weight loss goals, I love cooking and eating well, I love running and biking, etc. But always find that one day it has all stopped. Why have you stopped? And for those who have made it their life, what keeps you from NOT stopping?

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