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DENITCHY Posts: 64
8/25/09 1:05 P

And here I thought that I was the only one!

LIZ-GS SparkPoints: (32,484)
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8/25/09 12:40 P

Oh what a happy set of posting to read! I thought my bone cracking was getting comfortably set into old age.... LOL

Thanks for sharing insights to a trivia question I've wondered about before & never thought to ask.

Spark on!

YOSHMO Posts: 38
8/25/09 10:55 A

I hear snap and pops from my legs all the time! Stairs, exercise, walking... that is all it takes! Glad I'm not the only one!

RACHYDACH Posts: 296
1/10/09 11:58 A

My knees have gone snap crackle pop since I was I hit a growth spurt in grade school. If they ever stopped, i would be worried at this point!! hehe!

1/10/09 11:55 A

I had a physician tell me that when that happens its just the air escaping from between the joints. A lot of people tend to think that their bones are breaking or cracking. This was a relief statement to me because I know the myths and facts about needing calcium for strong bones when aging (gracefully).

1/10/09 11:50 A

Make sure your posture is correct, also. I found that I wasn't standing tall on my eliptical. That doesn't necessarily mean "chest out", either. Just pretend there's a string coming from the center of the top of your head lifting you up. You can also check out some Alexander Technique videos on youtube or check out some websites for posture information.

EDFAU1993 Posts: 241
1/10/09 9:07 A

if the crackle and pops do not hurt then do worry about thats what the doc told me..i run upto 10 miles a day with a few days off.i hurt my knee my putting a new floor down..

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QUISTAK Posts: 227
1/10/09 7:34 A

I get the same thing. My knees sometimes sound terrible when I work out! I feel like a geezer at 25. However, no pain is involved. I figured it's just something that happens. We're all creaky in some manner.

TARAS2009 Posts: 821
1/10/09 7:20 A

This happens to me a lot - especially when I do pilates, which is why I don't do pilates very often! It is normal for many people. My doctor said as long as it doesn't hurt it is ok, just a construction defect in my body!

EDFAU1993 Posts: 241
1/10/09 4:28 A

i went to the doctor yesterday and had my knee checkout and buritus of the knee got a shot for it.then he also check my other leg and joints and heard they crackling and snapping in them and told me that that there could be artheritice setting in

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1/10/09 4:01 A

If there is no pain, crunchy/grating sensations, or movement restriction involved, the most likely explanation is that the sound is caused by gas escaping from the joint. This is what makes the noise when you pop your knuckles, or a chiropractor "cracks" your neck. It's perfectly normal, and not a sign of any problem.

Here's an a more detailed explanation:

Hope this helps.

Coach Dean

KIMBERLY412 Posts: 298
1/9/09 9:17 P

I can say that when I was heavier, walking up the stairs in my house, my knee would pop each time I went up a step. I assumed it was due to my weight and the pressure I was putting on my joints. That was at 211. Now at 180, my knee hasn't popped at all. But your weight loss counter doesn't put you at "heavy" like I was... Did you ask your primary doctor???

CHERIETH Posts: 220
1/9/09 8:48 P

Sometimes I hear my joints popping/cracking when I am exercising. Does this mean that I am doing something wrong? My knees have always done that whenever I bend down so I am assuming not. But why do they do it?

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