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4/2/11 8:52 P

If you're having trouble figuring out appropriate substitutions, can you give me an idea of what the recipes are? Asparagus and peas are generally going to be easy to substitute. Tomatoes may be harder, but I might have suggestions. Beans likely could be omitted entirely.

I hear you, though. My sis is allergic to onions. Do you know how many recipes have onions? I've learned to substitute carrots, celery, or a combination of them in recipes I make for her.

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4/2/11 7:58 A

just omit them and add what you like or can eat

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4/1/11 4:08 P

I agree! experiment with substitutions.

Get a new veggie each week and *see* what it tastes like and what the texture is - that way you know what it'll substitute and what it won't.

Eggplant VS squash
bell pepper VS tomato
bok choy VS celery

And sometimes it doesn't hurt to give a food you don't like a try in a recipe that otherwise might taste good. I don't like mushrooms - in general - but there are *some* recipes that they're great in.
I don't always like eggplant but ratatouilli is awesome.

"The right food for the right flavor" - you don't have to rule foods out just becaus *usually* it's not too great.

4/1/11 5:47 A

Why can't you make your own recipes with out those ingredients? Most recipes are just a guide, you can play with what you like to eat. If a recipe is totally tomato based and taking out the tomatoes totally changes what it is supposed to be, look for another recipe. There are plenty of recipes with out those ingredients.

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3/31/11 11:35 P

I'm allergic to beans and peas, can't stand tomatoes or asparagus, and yet these seem to be the 4 staples in healthy food. WHY? Why can I barely find anything HEALTHY that doesn't have these ingredients?

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