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BHOLTS1 Posts: 201
8/4/10 2:02 P

to not be the fat bridesmaid

LILYCARE Posts: 1,010
8/4/10 1:09 P

Health, confidence and appearance are my reasons.

8/3/10 1:07 P

I want to feel confident again, have more energy to keep up with my almost 2 and 3 year olds, and also want to lose weight so I will be attractive to my husband again.

CLYNN8810 Posts: 220
8/3/10 10:29 A

I want to feel and look better, which will raise my self-esteem that I have been having problems with since I was little. I want to fit into those cute clothes at the store, and I want to just be HEALTHY!!!!


STARR12961 Posts: 210
8/3/10 9:58 A

I want to feel better. And I want to prolong my life so that I will have more time with my husband and granddaughter. The weight that I had gained was slowly killing me. High blood pressure, high cholesterol, high blood sugars, sleep apnea, back and joint pain. It was going to be a slow and painful death. I have lost 37 pounds, which isn't that mush when compared to what I still need to lose, but already I feel that I have added years and quality to my life. I am doing this for ME! emoticon

NICOLE197721 Posts: 14
8/3/10 9:45 A

i am more confident and feel better and make better decisions when I feel good and look good.

LUZON49 Posts: 684
8/3/10 9:37 A

I don't want my knees to hurt or my right leg to get more bowed than it already is. I want to wake up without my right hip hurting and to be able to sleep through the night without being awakened by body pain. I want to be healthy enough to get on the floor with my granddaughter and be able to get up without being embarrassed by the way I do it. I want to look at a woman who has some self control when it comes to food because I know that if I can do that, other issues will also get resolved. I am tired of fighting the inner child that wants immediate gratification. I hate arguing with myself of becoming conscious only to find that I have been unconsciously eating. I would like just one more time in my life to hear my husband say that I look good to him, that he might actually like what he sees when he sees me.

8/3/10 8:38 A

Need to so I can be healthier and for my diabetes and so I can have children without all the extra complications.

WENDINGO1 Posts: 162
8/3/10 8:12 A

Feel better physically and mentally.

GRANDMA624 Posts: 4,874
8/3/10 7:55 A

Health and be able to do fun things with my granddaughter

LARA701 Posts: 261
8/3/10 7:42 A

I want to look and feel better about myself!

PAZUHO SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (10,075)
Posts: 915
7/31/10 5:35 A

because I want to resume to body shape 10 years ago :)

MALLEUSMIKE Posts: 1,006
7/30/10 2:45 P

To be healthier and improve my own self-image.

DEBBIELYNN11 Posts: 212
7/30/10 2:29 P

To be healthier and to be able to do physical activities with less effort and more comfort. emoticon

7/30/10 1:06 P

To be healthier and live longer to annoy my kids later in life. emoticon

DEBB6691 Posts: 5
7/30/10 12:53 P

I no longer like what I see when I look in the mirror. It effects my health and what I can do as far as how active I can be...I just want to be happy again! emoticon

RENECHAR Posts: 233
7/26/10 2:22 P

To move around easier, hold my head up high. Be more self confident.

LILAC581 SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (41,177)
Posts: 1,626
7/26/10 2:06 P

to regain health, and to be able to better enjoy by grandchildren

7/26/10 11:27 A

I want to lose weight for a couple of reasons. Firstly, like many of you, I want to look and feel healthy. Second, I want to be in great shape before I have kids. All of my friends who have had children say that if you are healthy and in shape before you get pregnant (and stay that way during your pregnancy) it will be so much easier to get back to your weight before the baby after you give birth. I am not planning on having kids for a while, though, so I figure now is a great time to start!

LORTHOM2001 Posts: 3,676
7/26/10 10:38 A

to make myself feel and look better

SANDYLH1 SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (14,745)
Posts: 5,186
7/25/10 9:03 A

To look and feel better.

RUNLOLARUN31 Posts: 390
7/11/10 12:50 P

I want to feel confident, healthy and happy again.

MD300BOWLER Posts: 365
7/11/10 12:08 A

I Want to lose my fear. Fear of getting fatter, fear of over eating at buffets, fear of being in a bathing suit in public, fear of embarrassing my children, fear of never loving how I look.
Good luck to you! I wish you much success!

CHYRL_C Posts: 2,332
7/10/10 11:56 P

High blood pressure and diabetes. Plus I want to be able to tie my shoe with ease

ALICIA214 SparkPoints: (385,941)
Fitness Minutes: (275,437)
Posts: 21,257
7/10/10 11:15 P

To get back into my thin clothes and to stay healthy

HARTINGL52 Posts: 2,312
7/10/10 4:58 P

I had a hold this week.

ARDELIAC SparkPoints: (72,993)
Fitness Minutes: (78,393)
Posts: 1,012
7/10/10 2:59 P

So I don't have to buy my pants to fit my hips, but rather for my much smaller waist line.

MOMSCRZR Posts: 1,002
7/10/10 11:03 A

I want to feel great and look better.

MS_DAR Posts: 113
7/9/10 10:28 P

I want to be able to walk and move and do whatever I need done all by myself again. Independance I guess that would be called.

LESSISMORE2010 Posts: 1,396
7/9/10 9:12 P

I want to lose weight for myself. Mainly, it's for my health. I have PCOS, and I'd like to have children someday. This weight will not help me achieve that. And I'd definitely be lieing if I said it wasn't for appearance, because it's that, too. I want to feel good about myself when I look in the mirror.

7/9/10 5:50 P

I want to prove to myself that I am not a fat kid. emoticon

STATS2332 Posts: 1,863
7/9/10 2:46 P

I am overweight and need to for my personal satisfaction. I am a wide body right now.

7/9/10 1:31 P

I want to lose weight so I can be healthier and feel better about myself. I hate what I see when I look in the mirror. That is not who I am!

JIGGYJ Posts: 288
7/9/10 11:04 A

to be a healthy mom and be around for my son when he needs me.

HLOAEO Posts: 2,028
7/9/10 10:54 A

I want to loose weight because of my high blood pressure and I would love to loose enough weight to stop taking that medicine. I also want to loose weight for my hubby and kids so I am around longer for them. Take care.

SEMMER215 Posts: 319
7/9/10 10:18 A

I want to lose this weight because I know that I am better than this. I have something inside that I know can't be seen. I am looking to shine outside as I do inside.

7/8/10 5:06 P

So many reasons (health, apperance)but really, I just want to be able to wear shorts without my thighs slapping together. It is uncomfortable, unattractive and just not in keeping with the goddess I am inside. LOL I have 30 pounds to lose and have just gotten serious about weight the last 2 weeks. I LOVE Spark. All of you inspire me. emoticon

ROX525 SparkPoints: (559,798)
Fitness Minutes: (372,245)
Posts: 63,862
7/8/10 4:44 P

lower my cholesterol, be healthier, look better in my clothes, be a good example, be able to do things without breathing heavy, so my legs don't ache every night lying in bed, being able to stand seeing a picture of myself, it was about time, etc.

ERYCA_78 Posts: 62
7/8/10 11:31 A

I want to feel better and be less dependent on meds. I also want to set a good example for my children.
I want to look better too.

SARAHSMILZ SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (13,090)
Posts: 103
7/8/10 11:25 A

I'm trying to feel better. I'm tired of being out of breath when going up the stairs to my apartment and it hurting to sit down when I wear certain pairs of pants. I also want to get pregnant next year and I want to have a healthy pregnancy for myself and my baby. :)

SUEVEE3 SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (10,561)
Posts: 551
7/8/10 11:19 A

For Health first for looks second

JBOWDOIN02 Posts: 103
7/8/10 11:18 A

I want to lose weight before I get pregnant. It's just not good for me or the baby if I'm not healthy. I also want to look good. I'm tired of feeling like the biggest person in the room. Most of my co-workers and close friends are skinny. I feel like when we go out, I look out of place. I also hate eating in public because people might be thinking that I shouldn't be eating anything but salads. A lot of it is in my head, but I know it happens. I also have body image issues. In my mind I'm not big. When I look in the mirror, it is a shock. It's odd because when I was younger, and skinnier, I used to think I was fat. Looking at pictures now, I wish I could go back to way I used to look.

7/8/10 11:15 A

Because I really want a singing career (classical/opera) and I want to not hate how I look when I see photos and videos.

YELLOWDAHLIA SparkPoints: (94,861)
Fitness Minutes: (120)
Posts: 13,413
7/8/10 10:24 A

I wish I could say I was doing this for my health, but no, I just want to look better.

TURTLELOT2 Posts: 745
7/7/10 6:16 P

first and fore most to be healthy then happy well i lied healthy and happy at the same time. Then just to look good. my husband loved me before I got this big and watched me ballon and is very supportive now so i'm getting healthier and i'm happy and starting to love my body again.

LAVENDAAR SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (668)
Posts: 22
7/6/10 8:48 P

i want to lose weight to be more healthy with my kids! i have 3 of them, and so need to be able to keep up with them. that and i want to model of healthy life style for them so that when they grow up, they don't have these same problems!

ZACKSMOM7 Posts: 1,612
7/6/10 7:08 P

To be healthier, happier and more active with my kids!!!

7/6/10 5:48 P

Feel and look better. And also to ride my horse better

DAVIS031 Posts: 68
7/6/10 5:22 P

To look better!

lol, Although I am really feeling now that I want to be healthier, it all started out by wanting to look better and be able to be more active.

I truly want to improve my quality of life and have outward appearance match how I feel inside.

7/6/10 4:58 P

My reasons: to prove to the world, and more importantly myself that I am in control of my body. I can be healthy and happy if I set my mind to it.

I do it because I CAN DO HARD THINGS!

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