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3/24/13 1:01 P

1. I want you to give yourself a huge hug from me. I think you are off to a great start; down 20lbs and ready to get healthy and happy.
2. Find a good doctor (doesn't have to be an endocrinologist) to treat your thyroid. I encourage you to discuss Armour with him/her and research it yourself.
3. Begin building a positive support system of people with similiar goals of being healthy; join a gym, weight watchers, tops, OA, etc.

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3/24/13 11:33 A


I am an expert on self-sabotage and I was able to follow along with what you wrote!!

You mentioned that you wanted your efforts to be noticed and then when they notice, you self-sabotage.

If you have no support at home, look for it in your community or online. I went to OA and other support groups and that really helped.

You can also be your own cheerleader!

Little kids give themselves a clap when they do something right...well copy that idea! I have positive statements that I say to myself all the time.

Everyone wants their efforts noticed. Your efforts might not get noticed at this moment in time, but there will be a day when you hug your kids on graduation or attend their wedding. Being healthy, at those moments in time, will be worth the effort.

Also, if someone congratulates you on your weight loss, stop them mid-sentences and tell them you aren't working towards weight loss. You are working to be healthy.

That way you won't have the pressure of having to live up to that compliment. Or feel like they are keeping tabs on your weight.


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3/24/13 5:50 A

OK. I have a problem (well maybe a couple) that I need some help with. Please tell me I'm not the only one...

I keep getting into the habit of the only thing I can think to call self sabotage? Here is my example.

Last summer I was doing very well with my weight loss goals. I had gone from post pregnancy of 270 (2011) down to around 223. My son was born in June 2011. I really hadn't tried to lose a bunch of weight until I stopped breast feeding him at 14 months old. ( I was afraid that my milk would spoil from exercising too much, a myth, I know but didn't want to risk it) Anyhow I think I was down to about 256 when I stopped breast feeding and in 3-4 months I went from 256 to 223. I was very happy for myself and went out and bought some new cloths including some new exercise outfits, new undies and lots of other items. I felt great and lost 3 clothing sizes. I cleaned out my closet of all my size 18-24 and had size 16 for their replacements.

Anyways this whole time no one really said anything to me about how great I looked and things like that even though I really wanted my efforts to be noticed.

Finally around the end of summer people finally started to tell me that I was looking good with out me asking. I was even happier. Thing were going great. Then all the sudden my weight all came back. Little by little. I gained 10lbs back by thanks giving, I was up 15 by Christmas I'm back to 252ish pounds right now. Now I'm miserable and I think I'm becoming depressed. I don't know why I keep doing this to myself, It's like a vicious cycle. I do well and no one notices, Then someone finally says something to me and I feel good about it and then the next thing you know my weight starts creeping back up. I don't know if it's sabotage or something else and I really don't know what to do about it.

Also, I've noticed that if I have some really good eating days that I begin to feel "empty" after a while. Physically AND emotionally. It almost feels like my body is fighting me in every possible way and telling me that I shouldn't be thin. Like I should be happy with the weight I have and that it will do everything in it's power to keep me at a high weight.

Anyhow I just wanted to know if anyone else is having these problems and what I can do about it. I'm just so stuck! =(

Just a bit of background on me that may or may not have anything to do with the issues. I am a hypothyroid and there and there are no doctors around here in my opinion who know what they are doing when it comes to my numbers. I have no real support in my weight loss efforts and no friends so all of the hard work I do is on my own with no real support. My husband doesn't care about eating healthy and CONSTANTLY buys a bunch of CRAP in the house regardless if I ask him not to. And I also noticed that after a while of my healthy lifestyle change I seem to be eating the same things over and over again like my food imagination goes out the window and I can't think of something better to eat then the meal I made two nights before.

I hope this post isn't too "all over the place" to follow. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. =)

TIA- Nicki

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