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9/14/13 7:28 P

Another thing to consider is this:
When you eat the spices, are you eating anything else that you wouldn't normally eat? Just two examples are pasta and drinking milk. I mention this because I always had this problem whenever I had a roast meal. I always associated it with the roast itself and the way it was cooked, but when I started to keep a diary of my food intake and effects, I discovered it wasn't the roast at all, but rather than whenever I ate a roast, I always enjoyed a glass of milk. THEN I discovered that I would be fine when I woke - I would measure my waist and hips immediately after going to the loo and prior to any food or drink. I noticed that having a cup of tea with a small amount of milk caused abdominal bloated by (sometimes) 3-4 inches. My Specialist looked at my extensive diary and diagnosed dairy intolerance. Now I have soy milk and don't have bloating.

I will add that when I was a baby I wasn't able to have cows milk - my Mum said I would come out in blisters. I had this in the back of my mind when I started to record all food consumed, so had a base to work from.


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9/14/13 3:07 P

if it is the spice, you can slowly increase your spice intake and that should help combat the issue too!

9/14/13 12:49 P

Thank you so much!!! I'm going to try all of your suggestions... I'll check back with you later

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Bloat..Too much sodium and not enough water intake. Saturated fat can trigger bloat and so can wheat.

Chewing gum and sucking on candy, smoking...they can all cause increased gulped in air that cause gas.

Too many Carbohydrates can cause gas & bloating such as rice, potatoes, and pasta, beans and peas.

Sugar free foods and diet drinks with malitol and sorbitol can cause bloat...
Sugar causes bloat..... any large amount of sugar, especially those contained in soda

Including protein in each meal and snack will do wonders for reducing puffiness
Eat Rye bread with seeds...eases constipation and bloat because of the fiber arabinoxylan.
A Little prune juice seems to help bloat.
Parsley is a good digestive aid to reduce gas and bloat.
Eating an avocado and other potassium rich foods can combat puffiness by balancing excess sodium and reduce water retention . Also celery helps
Fage 0% Plain Yogurt is a good probiotic for bloat and gassiness add berries to sweeten rather than grabbing flavored yogurts

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Everyone has gas in their gastrointestinal tract. Some also have too much gas from below (flatulence) or burp too often. If you find that oily and spicy food precipitate aggravate such symptoms, you might want to modify your diet and avoid these, at least temporarily.

9/13/13 10:38 P

When I eat spicy food I get really bloated, is that normal?

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