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5/16/13 9:30 A

emoticon Everyday is a new day. When I get up I know I have a fresh start. You can do it. Let all your friends on SP cheer you on. emoticon

Walk and run to the best you you can be.
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6/14/12 11:36 P

Does the TV have to be on at all ? do you read, perhaps that will be a better distraction, go have a glass of water instead of food, go to bed earlier to avoid the food impulses. Go for a walk, go work in your garden. Just be aware of what you are doing, I used to find sometimes I was eating and barely remembered going to get something from the kitchen, it was just a bad habit.
Remember, you are not alone, rather than eat, go to this website and read an article related to your concerns. For example, I have been dying for a hamburger for about 2 months, so today I read the article regarding calories and fat in fast food burgers, it put me right off of even thinking of it (AT LEAST FOR A WHILE ANYWAY, but perhaps that's all I needed for now) ....................
............ You are worth it, and emoticon

The best rewards are those you have worked hard to obtain.
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6/14/12 7:15 P

Oh, hey, I think most of us do. Like Durangoreddog said, stock up on healthy things and go ahead and eat. If you haven't tried frozen berries, you'll have to. I microwave to get the crunchy frozen out. Sprinkle with whatever sweetner (if you need to), and it tastes like cobbler!!!

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6/14/12 10:57 A

So make it snack time and count on it every evening but stock up on fruits and veggies and have a great munch time.

Bernie from Durango, CO

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5/25/12 8:57 P

i have the same problem at 8 pm, stomach rumbles like crazy but we eat dinner at 3 or 4.
hubby only eats at dinner than snacks until 8. so then i am hungry from watching him.
i make a pizza for 165 cal. 6 inch corn shell, 1T. of sauce and 1 slice of swiss. i have one every evening.


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3/1/12 9:39 A

You are not alone. Habits are vicious little creatures that rip our good intentions to shreds. Just keep Sparkin'!

Keep Sparkin'!

Grace to you and peace from God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ. I thank my God, making mention of you always in my prayers Philemon 1:3,4

2FEATHER Posts: 600
3/1/12 9:28 A

I do everything right until 8:00 pm. Portions are correct, choices are good, caloric intake for each meal is great and then evening comes. EVERYTHING falls apart. And, I try to keep my hands busy doing knitting, crossword puzzles, game boy and still I wonder out into the kitchen for something to munch.

Several weeks ago I would have a cup of tea and a low cal bar. That worked for a while but soon became disenchanted with the same ole thing. I really think it's the TV with all the commercials of food in the evening and I don't know how to stop watching the commercials. (I know where the power botton is to turn it off). I have been muting it and exercising during the commercials but still I have visions of snacks in my head.

Just wondering if anyone else has this problem?

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