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11/17/12 1:39 P

Go elsewhere. If I were forced to eat in a pizza restaurant, inevitably I would order much more pizza than the chicken salad that I am supposed to order.

It is not just food. The environment we are in defines us in many ways. It would totally be very wise to try to choose as much of it as possible to end up in the right way.

DROPCONE Posts: 1,592
11/17/12 10:27 A

It can be really hard to resist those yummy smells, especially if you are a student without access to a large fridge or a full kitchen.

Is there somewhere else you can eat on campus that doesn't have yummy fast food tempting you? A mess hall type place rather than a food court type place? You have to put yourself in a position where it's easier to make better choices!

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11/17/12 7:36 A

I don't....I plan my meals with food I love, then watch portions, I stay away from places that tempt me to eat food that is junk......remember this is a life style change....find what you can live with for the rest of your life or you won't's not easy but it can be done....

don't beat your self up, just live .....learn.....improve.....

if this old women can loose 200 can too

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11/17/12 7:33 A

don't go so far against what you want. do they have a chicken salad you could have? if not, buy the green salad and the chik fil a, ditch the bun and chop up the chicken and mix it into the salad. or if you don't want to get a whole salad, get cut up carrots or celery to have on the side.

when i was working on changing my tastebuds and preferences, if i had something that i knew wasn't as great for me [nachos, say], i'd have it with something i knew was good for me [carrots and hot sauce or a bean based chili]. that way i was getting the thing that i wanted that wasn't so great for me, and i was still eating something that was legitimately good for me. and it wasn't that i had to choose one or the other, i had both. i love creamy pasta sauces like alfredo, which aren't so light in calories at dining halls. i love pasta. so i'd get half to 2/3 of the pasta i wanted, fill up the rest of my plate with the veggies that were nearby [they often had steamed or grilled veggies as sides at the pasta station] and then top with my alfredo sauce. i get all the yumminess of the alfredo i love, i'm getting a serving of veggies plus and i still get pasta. plus it's lower cal than the whole plate of pasta with alfredo and it's got more fiber. and it still tastes like a plate of alfredo.

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11/17/12 7:05 A

Plan out your meals the day before. Enter them in your nutrition tracker and stick to the plan.

Try not to eat at restaurants. Pack your own lunch and snacks.
When I go to the fridge or pantry hungry without planning beforehand what I'm going to choose, it's a huge pitfall for me. I want to go straight for the carbs and screw choosing the foods that are the most balanced and healthy for me. I imagine if I ate at restaurants it would be the same. Your hunger takes over your brain and all rational thought. It's like the hulk. So if you already have it planned out what you're going to eat, you can go straight for those choices without standing there, making choices with your stomach over your brain.

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11/17/12 4:30 A

Try making your own lunches and take with you. You may be able to have some prepared and in the freezer and just take it out in the a.m. to thaw and if need be zap in a microwave to heat. It would work out loads cheaper and healthier, and I think you would have more pride in the knowledge that you are doing the best for your body and not being tempted when obviously your resistance is low.


11/16/12 8:14 P

In college there are SO many bad choices and I do my best to stay away from them, but I find myself in a constant battle! I will go to the student center to get a salad and end up walking out with chick-fil-a. I KNOW to lose weight I need to stop that, but it's like I can't even say no to myself. What do you do to resist foods you shouldn't eat?

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