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LAURENXX19 Posts: 547
4/7/13 1:01 P

You could be gaining more muscle. Sometimes weight loss is just slow. There's been weeks when I stay the same weight or only lose half a pound.

BUBBLEJ1 Posts: 2,981
4/7/13 6:35 A

Don't compare yourself with anyone else, especially your husband. Guys almost always lose weight faster. This is YOUR weight loss journey. You are losing weight, at a rate of (I think) just under a pound a week. That was my rate of loss, too. You are doing fine, just keep at it!

4/6/13 5:57 P

Thanks for the info. I guess the biggest challenge is that my husband has dropped 30lbs, and the change is easy to see, while I look mostly the same. It can mess with my perception of things!

RAKRHYME SparkPoints: (13,441)
Fitness Minutes: (4,643)
Posts: 71
4/6/13 2:43 A

use other techniques to measure your progress... not just the scale. loss of fat with gain of muscles will keep the scale stationary and falsely make u believe u aren't losing... so please dont be disheartened,

MOTIVATED@LAST Posts: 15,438
4/5/13 11:26 P

When you start/increase an exercise program, it is a common response for your muscles to retain water. It takes 3 water molecules to bond to each glycogen molecule, and this helps deliver energy to your muscles more efficiently, and helps them cope better with the new demands you are making of them.

In the short term, this increase in your lean mass can lead to little change (or even an increase) in the scale, even as you are burning fat.

However, muscle and water are considerably denser than fat, and typically this shows up as inches lost, even if the scale is being unco-operative. You say your clothes are fitting better? Well, this means you ARE burning fat, regardless of what the scale says. Don't do anything different - it sounds like the only problem is the measurement system. The tape is often a much better way of tracking your progress than the scale.


SIMONEKP Posts: 2,700
4/5/13 9:42 P

you lost 3lbs so the scale is moving even if it's slowly. Give it time

JCWIAKALA Posts: 347
4/5/13 8:47 P

Please do some research on the message boards and you'll find many threads that discuss this subject.

In a nutshell, expect a fitness routine to sometimes take up to 6-8 weeks to be reflected on the scale. Don't worry, you'll still be burning fat, but your body retains more water while it adjusts to this routine.

ARANYANI Posts: 113
4/5/13 8:23 P

Scales aren't the only indicator, and it sounds like things are going well overall. If you're clothes are starting to fit better, you're probably shedding fat. You mentioned that you focus on work outs more - It could be that you're gaining muscle, so the weight isn't changing. Sometimes water retention can make a difference as well, and there can always be fluctuations so probably hard to track in the short term. Two weeks isn't so long - I would give it more time and focus on all the positives.

4/5/13 8:07 P

In February, I began (again) counting calories, not eating after 7, and getting in some exercise every day. I went from 160 to 153, then i gradually slid off the wagon the last week of the month and went back to 155. So March first came around, and i hit it again, still counting calories, but eating a little cleaner this time, and being more focused on my work outs. I had about 10 days that, although i still ate well, i got no gym time do to back spasms, and a sick child. for 2 weeks now, i have been diligently counting my calories, drinking around a gallon of water a day, and burning around 600-800 calories running and on the stair mill. I eat 1600-1800 calories, depending on how much i burned in the gym. i have gained stamina, energy, mental focus, and strength, and my clothes fit much better. For all of this I am thankful, and am in no way discouraged. I am more determined and focused then ever, BUT should I be doing something different to get the scales to move? I am still hovering around 152.... (I am 5'4" btw) Thanks for any help

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