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If you can't find it, go back to the page where you found all the nutritional data, copy it out by hand and then use "Enter a Food Not Listed" on the tracker page and enter it all manually. Then you'll be able to find it in future by choosing to Search under "Foods Manually Entered by me" when you track. That's how you'll be putting in loads of foods you buy or make which aren't already in the database.

5/18/14 10:37 A

Where did you get the pizza?
In the nutrition tracker I see lots of choices....

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I did a search from within SparkPeople trying to find calorie content in a slice of white pizza. It took me to a page that had the entire breakdown for what I was looking for but this item is NO WHERE to be found in the Nutritional Tracker when I enter "white pizza"! Why is that and how do i get it into the tracker? There was no link to do so!

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