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CRZYQUILTER Posts: 4,680
1/4/09 7:06 P

I agree... See a doctor.. especially if you are diabetic.

LOSE20GRL Posts: 56
1/4/09 6:14 P

I would see a doctor just to rule out any circulatory issues. I have had similar probs. w/my feet but it turns out there is something wrong w/my right foot. Its really the fact that your hands are going numb that is troubling to me, but it could just be that your blood is pumping harder in your major muscle groups or the cold as you mentioned. Good luck!

SCHELLP Posts: 28
1/4/09 8:54 A

I had a problem with my toes going numb too, I was told it was my shoes and the way I laced them. We have an athletic store here that specializes in sneakers. She told me that most of the nerves in feet are on the top, so to lace my sneaker by using that little loopy thing in the center of the tongue and to not lace up the middle. My feet haven't gone numb since.

-STINA- Posts: 729
1/3/09 10:49 P

Your muscles might be tight enough that they pinch off nerves! I have problems with tight muscles w/the related numbness, and I have to constantly stretch (even then they're still tight but I don't do them as consistently as I should...oops).

So..stretch, stretch, stretch!!

With the numb feet- it may be your calves and/or hamstrings. With the fingers, it might be your pecs, biceps, and/or triceps. Do stretches for all of these areas and see if anything feels really tight. If so, pay attention to stretching them really well before and after exercise as well as when you get up in the morning and before you go to bed.

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UNIDENT Posts: 33,498
1/3/09 9:16 P

What kind of cardio causes these effects? Anything you do?

The elliptical is well known for causing numb feet. It's the constant pressure on the foot, unlike walking. You can lean backwards more, placing more weight on the heel, or lift your feet, taking "steps" on it. If it's some other thing, it could be something similar.

The hands I have heard of going numb when walking if you hold them in a particular way, but have forgotten quite what! But they shouldn't on an elliptical or bike. If you're walking/running, try ensuring you're swinging your arms forward and back, not side to side, and for walking let your hands hang low, for running ensure they 'pump' up and down with your steps.

KEAKMAN Posts: 5,339
1/3/09 8:15 P

Okay, silly question…

Since mid-November I have been seriously exercising again. But I have two weird circulation-related side-effects, and I am hoping someone here can offer a reason or suggestion.

#1 Mid-way through my cardio my toes go numb. No, it’s not that my shoes are too tight – they are comfortably snug for moving around without blisters, but not tight. Once I stop the cardio the numbness goes away. No pain, just that “my toes fell asleep” feeling.

#2 About 10 – 15 minutes after my workouts my fingers become numb. Yes, it’s colder than usual out here in Portland this year, but even if I bundle up, putting on gloves before I go outside, it still happens. Not immediately after the workout, but about the time I get home (it’s about a 5 – 10 minute drive from the gym to my house). The numbness is on both hands, and can be as little as the first two joints of my index and middle fingers, to both thumbs and all fingers. The skin turns white on those top joints, and as it warms up it turns purple/blue, then eventually pink/normal. Even after I get indoors it can take 20 or 30 minutes for this to happen, unless I submerge my hands in warm water for 5+ minutes.

So what do you think? Just a result of being overweight (the numb toes) and being cold (the fingers)?


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