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7/5/10 10:09 P

after reading this post...I just ate a couple of dill pickles myself.

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7/5/10 5:34 P

cause pickles are delicious!

PENBAR111 SparkPoints: (76,264)
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7/5/10 4:50 P

After reading these posts I have to go get a dill pickle. Decided on dille okra instead yummy

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CATIEBELLE Posts: 7,742
7/5/10 4:27 P

Maybe your body needs some salt.

SHELSMITH SparkPoints: (0)
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7/5/10 1:32 P

I crave pickles and lemons all the time.

ELLEN0407 Posts: 2,037
7/5/10 12:48 P

you are craving sodium

PEGLYNN Posts: 1,022
7/5/10 12:45 P

It goes with this time of year, Hot dogs, and all go with pickles? Or you might be needing the salt if you sweat a lot.

PEDAL-PUSHER Posts: 6,501
7/5/10 12:38 P

I agree with the post that said your body needed something in the pickles. I have heard that also, or it could also be association. I crave Koshser Spears when I eat hamburgers, dill chips when I eat barbecue, and hard pretzles when I am in a bar. It will pass, and it could be worse.

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7/5/10 11:43 A

Pregnant? That's what it always used to mean.


7/5/10 11:42 A

Might be the salt. I love pickles for that reason. PLus they are low in calories. I don't eat them very often anymore though.

-POLEDANCEGIRL- Posts: 14,826
7/5/10 11:20 A

I love pickles!! I can my own and love them. My family will go through 2 jars in a day sometimes.

YELLOWDAHLIA SparkPoints: (94,861)
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7/5/10 11:14 A

I love pickles and sometimes I crave them too.
Better than craving a candy bar-LoL!

ALEXISMM Posts: 157
7/5/10 10:37 A

Salt cravings, along with other symptoms, could signal problems with your adrenal glands. But sometimes a craving is just a craving.

I am also a lover of pickles. Had some for breakfast this morning.

9/17/09 2:24 P

oh I love pickles especially when my sugar is all jacked up they help calm it

9/16/09 7:53 P

I read an article recently, you may possible be low in calcium. I had the same craving a few months ago. I started tracking my calcium intake on the nutrition tracker and its helping.

CWINTER4 Posts: 1,579
9/16/09 3:43 P

I have never had a fied pickle spear until I came down south. Yummy! I would never have thought that it would be. Of course that's probably why I gained so much in the 13 years I have been down here. trying to stay away from the fried foods and sweet tea!

SHERRYCHERIE SparkPoints: (0)
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9/16/09 3:32 P

I often crave pickles, too--dill pickles!
Probably because that's the saltiest thing I can think of at the time?

MANDIETERRIER1 Posts: 17,449
9/16/09 3:13 P

You could be craving worse things.

I say have a couple.

After all pickles are Cucumbers. And the reason they are so salty is because Cucumbers can't become Pickles without salt and sugar. Which are natural preservatives.

I think it would be better to be preserved in salt and sugar. Rather than something you need a degree in Chemistry, to understand what it is.

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9/16/09 2:21 P

Both salt and vinegar are effectively electrolytes. It's basically the useful part of a sports drink without the sugar. Fairly concentrated. In the summer, when I've been sweating like crazy, I've been known to drink a few sips of the pickle juice even. Nothing like it when your body is really craving some electrolytes. It's also the most amazing throat soother if you're a singer.

I emoticon pickles.

There are a lot worse things to eat.

RICCILYNN Posts: 2,454
9/16/09 12:30 P

I have found that if I am craving something very specific it's because my body needs some certain aspect of that food... salt, carb, whatever... I'd say eat a couple and take care of that craving!!

GRIZ1GIRL SparkPoints: (194,338)
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9/16/09 12:18 P

Perhaps it's the high SALT content. :)

9/16/09 12:17 P

I'm no scientist, but I've heard that sometimes snacking on dill pickles will get rid of a sweet craving. Either way, just be thankful that you crave them - I love them myself! It's better than craving something totally bad for you!!

My secret goofy craving is those sour onions that you put in martinis. Who knows??? LOL

BELLADONNA12 Posts: 208
9/16/09 10:22 A

question..dill pickles seem a bit salty. Are they really THAT healthy or are they high in something else

MUSYCLAU SparkPoints: (47,734)
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9/16/09 10:19 A

And they are low in calories. Good snack.

JETHIKA Posts: 785
9/16/09 10:10 A

because they are delicious!

APACHEROSES66 Posts: 135
9/16/09 10:03 A

NO! I am NOT pregnant! I have recently had a huge craving for dill pickles & I can't understand why. Can anyone give me any input about this?

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