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10/23/13 10:33 A

I'm another one that loves that squishy, moist, and overly sweet birthday cake. I will even use the excuse that I need to take an extra piece home for someone else when I leave parties. Ugghh! I'm terrible. I guess the best way to not eat it is just not to have it around and to leave parties before the cake is cut. Why is it so good? I guess because I don't get it too often, and I've been made to feel guilty for wanting to buy those types of cakes instead of making, say, a carrot cake. That makes me just want it more.

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10/23/13 9:47 A

I have too many trigger foods. Still haven't found a way to overcome binging on them apart from avoiding them completely, which often backfires on me. *sigh*

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10/23/13 2:34 A

Not that it's really a food - but it's Cheetos. Too salty, too cheesy/ orangey - but I still like 'em.

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10/22/13 8:59 P

chocolate. it's what makes the world go round. but it has to be the good stuff. lately I tried some really high quality 'raw' chocolate at the veg-fest, and OMG, I could live off that stuff if it wasn't like $40 an ounce.

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10/21/13 2:10 P

My trigger foods would be ice cream and sweet baked goods. They are hard to resist because they make me feel good, temporarily, and most of them are associated with special events.

I found ways to still eat them (healthier versions, or smaller amounts once in a while), so that I don't feel deprived but I also don't go overboard.

EMPRESSAMQ Posts: 5,077
10/21/13 2:06 P

I don't come back for more lol. I don't keep any trigger foods in the house. Hard to say why my trigger foods are my trigger foods, but I just don't go there anymore.

10/21/13 3:48 A

anything beginning with C

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10/19/13 12:27 A

Not for me

FERGSGIRL2 Posts: 7,629
10/19/13 12:04 A

ice cream

BOXERLOVER29 SparkPoints: (1,004)
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10/18/13 11:35 P

Chips and Queso. I love that yummy stuff!!! I think its the salt and texture. I truly believe that texture has a lot to do with it.

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FISHER011 Posts: 1,603
10/18/13 7:15 P


ZZYYGGY3 Posts: 2,373
10/18/13 6:08 P

Chocolate, and potato chips are mine, and I agree with the addiction and pleasure centers. They do give you short term pleasures, but like the drugs the pleasures don't last long, and you go back for more. I agree with the studies that there is something in the food that is addictive.

TACDGB Posts: 6,136
10/18/13 5:36 P

m&m's can't keep them in the house. I do eat a few now and then..........once or twice a month. And a few is 8 or 10.

PTREE15 SparkPoints: (8,292)
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10/18/13 11:34 A

I don't eat a lot of processed foods, but man, I cannot resist chips or fries. I can't have chips in my house; no matter the size of the bag, I can wipe it out in one sitting. I have read that the chip companies have spent billions on finding the perfect combination of salt and fat that makes us want more and more chips. I have been addicted to chips since I was probably 5, lol. I get fries occasionally, though, when I go out to eat. I make my own, but they aren't the same (i.e. not as greasy and salty) as the ones I get when I'm out.

KKKAREN Posts: 12,754
10/18/13 10:58 A

I gave up virtually all processed foods a while back and mostly eat fruit for my snacks. I do still crave a sweet fix now and then but have a rule it must at least be homemade instead of made in a box. We have a new Dunkin Donuts that opened about 2 months ago, I have been craving a donut. I finally caved and had one a couple of days ago, they didn't taste as good as I remembered. I did however eat two!

RIET69 SparkPoints: (47,087)
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10/18/13 10:05 A

My trigger foods smell sooooo good! Eg. bread baking

SHERYLDS Posts: 17,317
10/18/13 9:59 A

I have given up on most processed/high-fat/sugary foods
but when Drake's Yodel came back in my stores last month, I caved.
Bought a box and ate the whole darn thing in one evening.
It really wasn't all that wonderful...but I did not stop myself.

I have to ask myself why. Is it the idea that I can't allow myself to eat it again...
or is it the sugar rush that feels good....and leaves me wanting more. dunno

CPRCINDYC SparkPoints: (10,043)
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10/18/13 9:01 A

I don't know if I have any real trigger foods... Sometimes though if I haven't had something for a while, it is harder for me to resist when they are available... like donuts.

MIZKAREN Posts: 52,176
10/18/13 9:00 A

I try to keep the trigger food limited to once a week. I find if I include them somehow into my diet it keeps me from really binging out on them.

OBIESMOM2 SparkPoints: (240,625)
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10/18/13 8:59 A

oh, I'm with Jenni on the b'day cake. I have to stay away, keep it out of the house, etc.
DH is very good about asking if I want a b'day cake, and only buying the pre-cut slices (one for him, one for me) from the grocery bake shop when I do want to splurge on my b'day.
for his b'day, I buy a slice of something he likes, but I don't really care for (usually red velvet)

DUSTYPRAIRIE Posts: 11,125
10/18/13 8:14 A

ribs, succulent, meaty and dripping wtith sauce

JENNILACEY SparkPoints: (81,972)
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10/18/13 7:25 A

I actually heard a tidbit of this on Conan O'Brian about the research comparing Oreos to cocaine. Honestly, I don't *get* Oreos. They're ok tasting I guess... I can think of much, much more tasty foods/treats... but you just can't seem to be satisfied with just 2 or 3. It's very difficult to not consume an entire tray! Am I alone? I think not.

My husband bought a bag of PC peanut butter chocolate chip cookies quite a few months back. They used to be my favourite store-bought cookie. I ignored them for a few days but then I caved in and decided to treat myself to two. They didn't taste as good as I remembered and certainly couldn't compare to warm, home baked cookies. In fact, I found them a major disappointment... still didn't stop me from consuming an entire tray. What is it exactly about store bought cookies? I do not buy cookies, despite that I don't care for them all that much... I can't stop eating them? :/

My biggest trigger food is birthday cake with buttercream icing. Pure sugar/fat overload and if it's in the house late at night after one of my children's birthdays, I can't stop at just one piece. I cannot control myself around birthday cake. Donuts would be another one. My husband's been in the habit of buying timbits for himself and the kids the last couple times I get a coffee for our nature walks. I usually have none because I know I won't be able to stop at just 1 or 2. Last time he got them, he got my favourite seasonal kind- pumpkin spice. I was a little on the peckish side and caved in and had one. Minor victory, even though I was hungry at the time I was able to stop at just 2! Woohoo!

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OBIESMOM2 SparkPoints: (240,625)
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10/18/13 4:56 A

sometimes it's a 'comfort food' kind of thing - you are stressed, feeling out of control, exhausted, whatever...and you reach for the things that made you feel better at some point in you life.

Mac & cheese (heck...ANYTHING & cheese) is one of mine. Or a grilled cheese sandwich with tomato soup (though I've gone from Campbell's to Progresso in my adult years).

SHERYLDS Posts: 17,317
10/17/13 10:40 P

interesting point in the article /
from Marion Nestle, professor of food and nutrition studies at NYU

"Food companies create food products that people want to eat.
Is wanting the same as addiction?
I don’t think so but there’s evidence that foods trigger the same neurological pleasure centers as do addictive drugs, alcohol, and cigarettes, but not nearly to the same extent."

ETHELMERZ Posts: 19,233
10/17/13 10:30 P

Addiction................plain and simple........they provide comfort and security, more than any lover or person or thing in your life, been dealing with it for over 54 yrs. The researchers and "diet experts" are the wrong one's to write anything about it, or to keep giving us "tips" for a "cure".

SHERYLDS Posts: 17,317
10/17/13 10:15 P

I Read an interesting article online in the Huffington Post
Here's Why Your Favorite Foods Are So Hard To Resist

While I have developed a preference for Whole Foods (unprocessed for the most part)
I still find myself irresistibly drawn to junk on occasion. And I understand why.
But for me Even dry roasted unsalted peanuts can become a trigger food.

KEEPS YOU COMING BACK FOR MORE emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

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