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6/13/14 12:58 A

Because the idea is that you should be losing, not just maintaining. It's also about fitness--it is assumed that you are NOT sedentary.

The more calories you get from protein, the more satisfied you will feel. If you get a great deal of your calories from carbs (fruits, grains, CRACKERS) that you will have a hard time not snacking throughout the day and feeling hungry.

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6/12/14 11:53 P

Below is a link that may help you to reach that '60g' figure. All it would take would be a bit of tweaking of your diet.

There is a formula for protein needs which is for a healthy woman .8g per kg of body weight. If you have a medical condition, then you need to be guided by your Dr/Dietitian.


6/12/14 3:33 P

Glad you got your answer.
Sparkpeople does try to incorporate the most up-to-date scientific research for weight loss.
A slightly higher protein intake has been show to:
--maintain muscle mass
--promote satiety

Thus our 60 gram minimum for females.

Your SP Registered Dietitian

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6/12/14 9:39 A

thanks so much!

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6/12/14 9:37 A

It's because more protein helps in weightloss and building lean muscle.

I'd an issue with it as well, until I found that out - now that I am where I want to be (weight wise), I go by the normal guidelines, which for me is about 45 grams per day.

Here's a great page explaining protein requirements:

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6/12/14 9:23 A

studies have shown that a slightly higher level of protein aids in weightloss, thus the elevated floor.

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6/12/14 9:13 A

I tend to eat a lot of veggies and fruits and dairy, so a lot of my protein comes from yogurt, beans, and tofu. Protein levels are not as high in those as they are in meats/chicken, and I find it hard to hit 60 grams each day. So I checked on how much protein a relatively sedentary woman needs -- and find that 47 grams is more or less the normal recommendation. I can hit that number almost every day.

Why does Sparkpeople "require" an extra 13 grams of protein each day? Is it just to keep you fuller? Or is there some nutritional benefit I don't know about?


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