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7/19/12 3:23 P

Yes, whole grains have more fiber, which is their main advantage over the processsed grains. They likely will have the same calories (sometimes more) & with weight it basically comes down to calories. So, just because it is a whole grain, doesnt necessarily mean you can eat more of it - you still need to practice portion control. The fiber will tend to keep you feeling fuller, for a longer period of time, which is definitely an advantage when trying to lose weight!

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7/19/12 1:28 P

I am having question regarding "whole grain" foods. On nutrition fact sheets, there are some differences, like whole grain food contains more fibers, so it may be good source of some extra nutrition, but will it really help weight control?

According to research I read few years ago, digesting process of griding, processed food is much faster than none-processed food, because it greatly increase surface area of food, conversion of starch into glucose is much easier. They found lab rats given processed food grows faster than none processed food control group, even though they ate the exact same calories.

It's Japanese research and I lost the link, so I can't be sure if it's widely accepted fact or not. But if that's the case, it may be healthier, but not necessary good for weight control?

7/19/12 12:51 P

Yes, it it whole wheat :)

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7/19/12 12:49 P

Hey, I'm curious if anyone knows if the Great Value (walmart brand) whole wheat pasta is 100%? The ingredients list "Durum Whole Wheat Flour" as the only thing. Does this mean 100%? its just so much cheaper than the other stuff

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7/18/12 10:11 P

Thanks everyone! Very informative -- I'm glad I have someplace to turn with all these questions!

7/18/12 10:25 A

I like the Toyota/Corolla comparison its right on! Regardless of whether you buy Whole Wheat or Whole Grain, just make sure whatever it is, it is 100% Whole Wheat/Grain. No "Enriched" stuff. I usually buy the generic brands since they are cheaper. I tend to prefer the taste of whole wheat pasta to white.. the white tastes gooey to me after eating the whole wheat for so long :)

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7/18/12 10:08 A

I like Barilla Plus. Here is why:

Enter Barilla Plus Pasta – a multigrain pasta that is not only higher in protein than your average semolina pasta, but also higher in fiber and Omega-3 fatty acids, a class of healthy fats that has been associated with lowered risk of heart disease.

The first thing to understand about Barilla Plus Pasta is that while Barilla labels it “multi-grain” you shouldn’t confuse it with “whole-grain.” Barilla Plus Pasta is still made with semolina and durum flour — the basis of all traditional pastas — and these flours have been refined to remove the bran and germ. So it’s not 100% whole grain.

What Barilla has doneis enrich their Plus Pastas with the addition of a grain and legume flour blend made from lentils, chickpeas, spelt, barley, flaxseed, oat fiber, oats and egg whites.

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7/18/12 9:35 A

wheat is a grain. whole grain, if it's proper whole grain, is just the same for you as whole wheat. it's sort of like the difference between a toyota and a corolla. wheat is like the corolla. toyota is like grain. saying you want whole wheat is saying you want whole grain, because wheat is a grain. just like saying you want a corolla is like saying you want a toyota because a corolla is a kind of toyota. wheat is a kind of grain.

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7/18/12 9:22 A

Our grocery stores seem to carry a lot more whole grain pasta options than whole wheat. We've typically been buying the whole grain for that reason, although I'm sure the whole wheat is better. Also, the whole grain that we've tried seems a little more versatile and tastes more like "normal" pasta.

I was wondering what everyone else is using? Is there a whole wheat brand that you love? Is the difference in better nutrition between the two worth making the switch to whole wheat?

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