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7/24/10 2:22 A


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7/24/10 12:54 A

I like whole grain bread. I have been eating the Alvarado Street bread which I can only find in health food stores. When I have run out and eaten the other bread in my house I can really taste how gummy it is. It is not satisfying at all and I want to eat more. Whole grain is much more satisfying as well as more nutritious.

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7/23/10 6:12 P

My dad was a health nut while I was growing up and had us switch to whole wheat bread at any early age. It took a while for me to like it, but now I prefer whole wheat over white anyday.

White flour/rice/bread, etc. has been stripped of the bran and other nutritious parts including the fiber and vitamins that are naturally there in the wheat kernel.

You have to be careful too because they will sometimes add caramel coloring or molasses to "white" bread so it looks like whole wheat. If one of the first two ingredients (preferably the first ingredient) aren't WHOLE WHEAT flour (not wheat flour, because white bread is also from wheat so it technically can be called wheat bread) or some other whole grain, you don't have the healthier stuff.

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100% whole wheat is always better because it is not man made. It has God own natural healthy ingredients.

7/23/10 1:55 A

the white bread is more easily broken down and converted to glucose in the body, so its basically like candy.
whole grain taste better but even more than that if I am only having x number of calories a day make it count with nutrients so my body gets what it needs

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7/23/10 1:19 A

Aside from all the great info about nutrition levels of white vs. whole grains...

I only learned a year or two ago (duh) that white bread or white flour is white for one simple reason: it is bleached. Sounded disgusting to me so I stay away from it for that simple reason.

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7/23/10 12:00 A

Sprouted whole wheat bread is also more digestable, in addition to being full of complex rather than simple carbs.

Alvarado St. bakery sprouted breads are Ezekiel bread but moister and tastier.

7/22/10 1:27 P

"The whiter the bread, the sooner you'll be dead." Kind of extreme, but it gets the point across haha. Like someone mentioned previously, the white bread is more easily broken down and converted to glucose in the body, so its basically like candy. This isnt just true for older women either. Everyone should try to include more whole grains in their diets. Another plus - they make you feel fuller longer - which can be a great help when trying to lose weight.

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7/22/10 9:31 A

Here is an article that might help you understand the benefits of whole grains for a variety of reasons.

Whole Grains are the Whole Package
These Natural Grains Pack a Nutritional Punch

Coach Tanya

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7/21/10 9:45 P

Whole grains are in their natural state. White flours are just whole wheat flour that has been stripped of it's nutrients and then had them added back in. That is why it is called "enriched". I cut out all white, enriched grains on February 8,2008, and haven't had any since. Along with the sugar you spoke of in your question on the other message board, or thread. I was a baker, and a cake decorator, so if I can do it, so can anyone who wants it bad enough.

"The man who moves a mountain begins by carrying away small stones."

— Confucius

Here is a link to an article that may make it clearer.

I hope this helps you.

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7/21/10 9:27 P

I grew up eating whole wheat bread and just like whole grains better, but I appreciate that they're healthier too. It annoys me that many products are advertised as "whole wheat" or "made with whole grains" but still include a lot of bleached flour. I try to only buy 100% whole wheat bread, tortillas, pitas and pasta. Maybe it's arbitrary, but I feel better about not eating refined grains.

From the Mayo Clinic:

"Whole grains vs. refined grains

A slice of commercially prepared white bread has 66 calories, 1.9 grams protein and 0.6 grams fiber. A slice of whole-wheat bread has 69 calories and provides 3.6 grams protein and 1.9 grams fiber. It isn't hard to see which one is the better nutritional bet.

Whole grains haven't had their bran and germ removed by milling, making them good sources of fiber — the part of plant-based foods that your body doesn't digest. Among many health benefits, high-fiber foods also tend to make you feel full longer.

Refined grains, such as white rice or white flour, have both the bran and germ removed from the grain. Although vitamins and minerals are added back into refined grains after the milling process, they still don't have as many nutrients as whole grains do, and they don't provide as much fiber naturally."

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7/21/10 9:22 P

If I understand correctly, the issue is that without the bran and fiber to slow the absorption of the carbohydrates (represented by the glycemic index), the net effect on one's blood sugar is very similar between white bread and sugar. Hope that helps!

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7/21/10 8:59 P

The answer given covers it well. It is just plain healthier.

The story about white flour and sugar sounds like urban folklore. Not science.

I prefer the taste of whole grains and try to get a variety. Including fresh corn right now.
I also keep barley and brown rice and wild rice available. Lately, I have been using
Tumaro's Multigrain, Low Carb.Tortilla - as wraps for various things. They are 60 calories and have about 7 grams of fiber in just one. They are low fat, too.

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7/21/10 8:36 P

because whole grains have more vitamins, minerals, and phytonutrients. Oh, and more fiber... All things we need, and so whole grains are healthier.

Yes, I think they are tastier too. Have you tried quinoa? Yum!

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7/21/10 8:27 P

The "Sugar" topic made me want to ask about white flour foods vs whole grain foods. I've read that for older women, white flour foods are the same as eating sugar. Personally I like the flavor of whole grain foods and I like how they make me feel. Your thoughts?

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