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1/31/13 3:32 P

I believe those are considered whole grain.

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1/31/13 2:51 P

spoon size shredded wheat (the non frosted kind)
can't get much more awesome than that!!

1/31/13 2:02 P

Thanks, good five rules in that article.

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1/31/13 1:09 P

1/31/13 12:18 P

I can't seem to do an effect Google search on what are whole-Grain cereals without running into the company websites of those lkinds of cereals claiming theirs is the only one.

So, am I correct in thinking the following are considered "whole-grain" cereals?
~Cherrios (oats)
~Rice Krispies (rice)
~Wheaties (wheat)
~Corn Flakes (corn)

Now, before you tell me that they are all SUGAR-coated and high in carbs, I just wanna know if these are considered whole-grain cereals regardless if they are good for you or not.

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