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JIBBIE49 Posts: 71,588
9/18/11 9:26 P

Wonderful Dr. Mercola has a lot of information on the PowerPlate machine but they cost about $5,000 but they do wonders and are well worth the money. I'd buy one except I'm paying off my son's college loan since he had cancer and hasn't been working. But, at some point, I'd sure like one.

The above Link is just one of Dr. Mercola's on the machine as he has more information and on YouTube.

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9/17/11 7:36 P

Hi All, have been using the WBV Machine now for 2 weeks and love it to death....just interested, what sort of results are people seeing with these machines. I do exercise properly, and just tend to use it to warm me up, just wondering what it actually does and over what time frame....thanks

7/30/11 6:25 P

Hi there,

I just bought an ifit machine and wondered

if you managed to find any exercises I have been looking fir days
And can't find anything fir this machine. Are you still using it and do you like it.


SHEILABC123 Posts: 7
5/27/11 8:41 P

I purchased and have been using the IFit Massage Whole Body Vibration Machine. It did not come with a workout video but I was able to find a couple on You Tube. I'm wondering if anyone out there has one or is using one and if you have any information regarding how many calories we burn or recommended workouts. Thanks and looking forward to hearing from you

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