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Thank you for the advice. When I first started losing weight I tried the low carb diet and then I felt completely exhausted when trying to work out. I didn't realize until recently while taking my Nutrition class the difference between good and bad carbs. I think that's where a lot of people get them confused as well as mixed up. I think when people look at the carb recommendation they are shocked, but that is because so many people say to stay away from carbs but they don't specify which ones. As far as the carbs I've been eating - they're mostly from vegetables, whole wheat, and oats. So with that said, I don't think I'm doing bad.

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Yes, that should equal out to 50-60% of your daily calorie intake.

There's nothing wrong with carbs if you're choosing the right carbs (and you don't have any medical conditions where it may be helpful to limit your carb intake). Carbs are your body's preferrable source of energy and are particularly important for very active individuals. Many runners for example may even take in up to 70%.

The low carb diet trend has really demonized carbs and it seems when many people use the very broad term of "carbs" they specifically mean all the unhealthy carbs; pastries, cakes, white bread, cookies, heavily refined pastas, heavily refined breakfast cereals with added sugar, etc. Which can be very confusing and paints all carbs as something that should be avoided or severely limited in the pursuit of healthy eating/weight loss.

The majority of people don't need to lower their carb intake to experience both health benefits, weight loss or weight management. They need to be conscience of where their carbs are coming from.... are they coming from mostly veg, fruit, legumes/lentils, whole grains, (no sugar added) dairy or are they coming from cake and cookies?

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It sounds like it would be about right to me.

I tend to stick to about the middle of my range of carbs, but that is just the way it works out based on my preferences of food.


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So I work out about an hour and a half each day. SparkPeople recommends that I have between 169 - 301 carbs a day. I stretch for 10 minutes each day, bike or swim for an hour, and lift weights for a half hour. ...This recommendation is legit, right? And this is out of a recommended 1,850 calories I should be eating daily.

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