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1/21/13 8:22 A

We do sashimi more now than sushi rolls. Last time I had some, I had this fantastic toro(?) roll that was just the fish rolled in avocado- no rice- and some sweet potato straws on top. It was delicious. we also split a sashimi plate, had miso soup, and a salad and I was very satisfied and didn't really miss the rolls I used to get and I got to stay within my calorie range and he was within his carb range.

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1/20/13 11:49 P

It depends on what kind you get. There's sushi out there that is filled with cream cheese and fried fish, but there are also kinds that are filled with carrots and cucumbers.

I did a quick google search and this website came up:

Shrimp Tempura Roll
INGREDIENTS: Nori, rice, shrimp, tempura batter, oil for frying

508 calories
21 g fat
20 g protein
4.5 g fiber
64 g carbohydrates


Cucumber Roll
INGREDIENTS: Nori, rice, cucumber

136 calories
0 g fat
6 g protein
3.5 g fiber
30 g carbohydrates

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1/20/13 11:39 P

It still is.

Yes it's quite high in carbs. It is a big old pile of rice, after all. :)

However, compared to many takeout options like burgers and fries or pizza, it is EXTREMELY low in calories and fat!!

Why high in fat? What was in the sushi that you chose? Is there a lower-fat filling that would offer a good alternative?

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1/20/13 8:24 P

Today I picked myself up some lunch and thought I was doing good by getting myself sushi. Well to my surprise I learned that the sushi I picked was actually NOT a good idea! It was high in fat, high in calories and believe it or not high in I guess that is off this list and I will only have that when I want to treat myself. I would have sworn that sushi was one of the better things to eat when eating out,but I guess I was wrong.

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