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6/14/13 5:52 P

Had issues with the UP took it back. Have the FB Flex now and love it!

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4/5/13 3:43 P

My BF has a jawbone and ALWAYS wears it, I bought it for him for Christmas and I don't think he's taken it off since. I am not sure what, if anything, he is really still tracking with it at this point, however. I never see him playing with it anymore so I wonder if he is just wearing it out of habit!

4/5/13 3:24 P

jawbone up has an android app now :)

4/5/13 3:23 P

you can add me. i just got the jawbone up this week, got tired of waiting for the fitbit flex. so far i love it!

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1/9/13 4:46 P

Just got the up today and would love some friends to add

JENSMITH79 Posts: 36
1/8/13 12:43 A

I really like the Jawbone. With the Fitbit I kept washing it because
I would forget about it. But with the Jawbone it's around my wrist
and is a visual reminder when I reach for something.

12/31/12 1:48 A

Yes, it is a little bracelet you wear, but it only downloads via iPhones. I think I am leaning towards the Basis watch, spendy, but looks promising. Too bad it is on backorder =(

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12/30/12 7:10 P

Is this something that would do a similar thing to Fitbit or BodyBugg?

12/30/12 1:22 P

No one? I am looking at fitbit and up, not sure which would make the most sense. I am most interested in the sleep tracking, but would use the other features as well. Be sure to post back how you like it, Jen!

JENSMITH79 Posts: 36
12/24/12 1:37 A

I just purchased the Jawbone Up bracelet and wanted to know if there is a team out there and who else is using this? Want to start using it for the new year.

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