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Who feels binge eating disorder is misunderstood!

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10/6/11 6:47 P

I agree with the idea of meeting with someone who can help. For me, my binge eating is more mind over matter. However, I think everyone is different. So, it might be super helpful to get advice and direction specifically designed for you. In the end, it doesn't matter how much people understand binge eating. The important thing is for you to understand and work through it first. If it is important to you that a close friend or family member understands your battle, I'd be clear that you want to share the information with them when they are willing to listen. If they care about you, they will come around and want to learn about your struggles. Best wishes!

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10/6/11 5:02 P

It might be misunderstood but you need to do something about it so you can do normal things and not live it everyday...

counseling and a dietician would be a good start

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10/6/11 4:58 P

I dunno - some people who have never struggled with weight may binge but just think they eat a lot. They may even eat for all the same reasons as binge eaters - stress, emotions, boredom - but they don't gain weight. So if it shows on the outside, it's bingeing. If it doesn't, well that person just has a hearty appetite. It's genetic roulette.

Posts: 12
10/6/11 4:45 P

If you agree please tell me. Its something I've struggled with for years and is making it difficult for me to finish my weight loss. When I tell people about it they make remarks like "well why don't they just stop eating" they don't understand all that goes on in the mind of a binge eater.

But I am finding ways to overcome it!!! And will get there.

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