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1/6/10 10:55 P

I fell to the Dark Side for about 6 months. I haven't been dieting in that time but I have been lifting weights and doing treadmill atleast 4 days/week for over a year. I just can't get ahold of my dieting/portion controls. I hope to start again now.

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1/5/10 1:28 P

No real break at all. Probably got a little more obsessive. I'm on the home stretch for weight loss.

I did however take the time to celebrate. Thanksgiving and our company Christmas party were both meals I did whatever I wanted ... and ate and drank entirely too much. But 2 meals do not break a goal.

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FIRE27 Posts: 30
1/5/10 12:39 P

I took a break from Thanksgiving to now. Started back at the gym with my workout partner and got back on the fat free diet. It didn't take long for the pounds to gain in a month or 2. Back on track to lose more than last year!

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1/5/10 11:55 A

During the holidays I infrequently logged in and tracked things but kept up my habits so things have worked out. I exercised and didn't over do the food and drink to much.

But now that the holidays are over I am back online and tracking things.

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1/4/10 2:40 P

I definitely took a little break from the healthy stuff. We traveled for over a week and it's just too easy to let things fall to the wayside. I'll be hittin hard again starting this week.

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THEBUCKET Posts: 119
1/4/10 12:58 P

I kinda ignored SP over the holidays. I still used the good habits I've learned over the past couple of months, but I didn't obsess about everything I ate like I normally do.

I'm back on the wagon as of today (first day back to work) and so far so good.

I am dreading tomorrow's workout a little though.

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