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3/25/14 10:22 A

I'm stepping back in because I believe there is some confusing information being shared. We strongly suggest you meet with a Registered Dietitian or Certified Diabetes Educator to help you understand the role and best distribution of macronurients carbohydrates, fats and proteins in managing your hypoglycemia. If you are dealing with reactive hypoglycemia, it is important to limit carbohydrate intake at meals but in balance with protein and fat intake especially if there are other medical issues you are dealing with as well. We are not qualified to provide prescriptive macronutrient distributions and encourage a balanced approach until you meet with a health professional qualified to provide you with a diet prescription.

Coach Tanya

RUSSELL_40 Posts: 16,826
3/25/14 9:33 A

If you read the list of foods in ( 1 ), you have the basis of low carb, which is also low glycemic.

a ) meat, poultry, fish
b ) eggs, cheese ( tofu? )
c ) nuts and seeds
d ) many vegetables
e ) fresh berries
f ) oils and fats

I personally eat beans also, and many low carbers eat sweet potatoes, or a few higher carb foods once they get into maintenance.

Since fat and protein barely effect the blood sugar levels, having a diet that is 88-95 % made up of these 2 macros, keeps blood sugars low, and eating 65% keeps me from having any cravings. That is because fat satiates, and by excluding carbs, and then adding back in the ones that don't cause cravings ( trigger foods ), I don't ever have cravings. Foods that cause you cravings, cause you to overeat. This loss of control is why you gain weight. If you just eat what you planned, you don't gain weight, but lose steadily.

This is a lot simpler if you aren't feeling hungry, or thinking of food all the time.

My food tracker is open. With hypoglycemia, you will need to eat some carbs at every meal. I am diabetic, and with low carb, I have been off my meds for 4 years now. However when I started low carb, I ate zero carbs at some of my meals, and had low blood sugars, which up till then, I had no idea was possible for diabetics. So had to learn to control my blood sugars by having a certain amount of carbs at every meal. I am currently at my highest carb level 65-85 grams a day. That allows me 9-13 servings of veggies, and if I wanted I could eat some berries.

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3/24/14 11:23 A

Here's a website that might help you figure what foods are low GI and which aren't.

TONKA14 Posts: 4,947
3/24/14 9:40 A

You might find this article helpful --

Understanding Hypoglycemia
Eating to Prevent Low Blood Sugar

This gives you helpful info as well but asking for a referral to a Registered Dietitian or Certified Diabetes Educator from your medical provider would be helpful as well so that you can talk about meal planning specifics.

Pros and Cons of the Glycemic Index
Rank Carbohydrates Using the Glycemic Index

Coach Tanya

EELPIE Posts: 2,700
3/22/14 8:49 A

I do low glycemic. I started out by looking online for foods that are low glycemic by searching on google.

Sorry, I don't have any kind of "plan" that I follow, I just wing it.

ANARIE Posts: 13,179
3/22/14 1:37 A

Whoever told you to eat a low glycemic diet is the one who should provide it. Call the doctor's office and tell them that you got your diagnosis but not your aftercare instructions. If the doctor was just throwing out the term and doesn't have diet plans to show you, then s/he should refer you to a registered or licensed dietitian with expertise in your particular condition.

You paid the doctor to help you improve your health. S/he only did half the job, so make sure you get the rest of what you paid for.

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3/21/14 11:36 P

If you simply google "low glycemic diet" you will get many, many hits for suggestions, food lists, recipes...

There might even be a Spark Team for this I haven't looked, but put it into the Search window on top of the page!!
((EDIT: and indeed there is:: Glycemic Index - Low GI Lifestyle Team....check it out!!))

All the best,

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3/21/14 11:29 P

South Beach Diet is one of many books that would be useful... just google!

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3/21/14 10:13 P

Hi, I have hypoglycemia and was told to eat a low glycemic diet. can anyone help me with a sample meal plan like what to eat for breakfast, lunch and dinner? or if you eat like that is your food log open so i can get some ideas? thanks so much

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